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Crazy Carol Hefner is back on Facebook…

carol hefner trump

Back in November, when Donald Trump was nothing but a fire-breathing tangerine faced nerfherder that could never conceivably win a conservative GOP primary, we took a look at the crazy, racist, islamophobic Facebook posts of one of his proudest, most impassioned supporters – Crazy Carol Hefner.

If you remember correctly, the wannabe socialite, imitation Olive Garden salad dressing connoisseur and Trump co-chair had some maniacal, dystopian fringe views on a variety of topics, including race relations...

00004carol hefner racism


xcarol hefner islam


00011carol hefner science

And affluence...

00028carol hefner elite

Not too long after our post was published, Carol took down her Facebook page and her name mysteriously disappeared from Trump's list of Oklahoma co-chairs. Think about that for a second. Carol Hefner's views are so extreme and out-of-line that even the Trump campaign didn't want anything to do with her. I guess you can't blame them. Even if it agrees with you every hour, the sound of a cuckoo clock does get old after a while.

Thanks to an Ogle Mole tip, we've learned that Carol Hefner has apparently reactivated her Facebook account, and for some odd reason, has not changed the privacy settings. For the betterment of mankind, can we get her son who wants to do something to me in a parking lot to show her how to change that? That way, we won't be subjected to hypocrisy like this...

carol hefner 3

That's funny. Ted Cruz, the only Republican with enough courage and values to actually stand up to Trump and not endorse him, is childish, immature, and has many demons and personal issues. If she thinks that about Ted Cruz, I wonder what she thinks about Trump...

carol hefner 5

Yep, there you have it. The man who has filed numerous bankruptcies (and divorces), called Mexicans rapists and thieves, mocked a reporter with a disability, questioned John McCain's status as a war hero, encouraged a foreign nation to spy on an American political party, called out a mother who lost her son in the Iraq War, and posed for pics like this, is 100% class and will restore the White House to dignity.

Speaking of people who bring dignity to the White House...

carol hefner 10

Seriously, Carol Hefner is a loon. First of all, slaves did help build the White House. Second, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and plenty of other wealthy white men in America owned slaves by the time the White House was built. Third, let's say Carol Hefner is right and the largest slave owner in the south was a black dude. What's the point? Is she trying to discount the toll that slavery and racism has had on black Americans in this country?

"Wait a second. You're telling me a black man owned slaves? Why didn't you say so! Who cares about centuries of racism and oppression, cruel Jim Crow laws, intolerance, and the effects of institutional racism on today's society. That changes everything!"

In addition to making up pointless revisionist history shit about slavery in America, Carol also wonders why some people like to be called African-American:

carol hefner 11

Let's ignore for a second why an affluent white woman who lives a life of luxury and privilege in Oklahoma even cares what black Americans / African-Americans / any Americans want to be called, you're either American or not... even if your ancestors didn't really chose to come here. You're not allowed to show any pride about your ancestry, heritage or background. It's American or nothing. FREEDOM!!!

Of course, that's only if you feel that God should serve as our country's guide. If not, then you need to get the hell out of here:

carol hefner 7

Beautiful, huh? The proud patriotic woman who values American freedom and religious liberties thinks people who utilize and embrace those same freedoms and religious liberties should move out of the country if they don't worship her God? WTF. Considering he's not a religious guy, I guess Donald Trump should get out of the country.

Also, what's scarier? The fact that there are people like Carol who believe and write this shit on Facebook, or that there are people who "like" it.

carol hefner 6

For the sake of Carol's friends, her son better hurry up and show her how to change those Facebook privacy settings.

Not everything Carol writes is nutty, though, I agree with her on some things.

carol hefner

That's a good point. Let's stop giving thugs and criminals so much air time. Despite the best efforts of TV news (and insane politicians) who try to make us think otherwise, America is still one of the strongest, most powerful nations on earth. Crime has been on the decline for decades. Let's focus on the good news! You know, good news like this...

carol hefner 2


Naturally, Carol was not impressed with Chelsea Clinton's speech at DNC:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.54.02 PM

Just to confirm, Chelsea Clinton is robotic, rehearsed, brainwashed and seems fairly devoid of genuine emotion. I guess spending your teenage years guarded by armed Secret Service agents takes a toll. Knowing her thoughts on Chelsea, I'm kind of curious to see what Carol thinks about Melania Trump:

carol hefner 1

Dear god, this woman's hypocrisy knows no bounds. Why is she not Trump's Oklahoma campaign co-chair? Hell, she should probably be his running mate.

If you're still reading this, I should probably wrap things up so you can get back to watching car crash videos on YouTube. Here's one more post that made me chuckle.

carol hefner 8

Let's ignore how Carol criticizes Bill for being a horn dog while she enthusiastically, almost frighteningly, supports a womanizing misogynist who's been married three times and owned the Miss Universe pageant. I like how Carol, a member of an Oklahoma City family so prominent that our most well-known lake is named after them, is calling Democrats "pathetic elitists." Who knows, maybe the Dems beat Carol's family in a recent Polo match and she's still bitter:

00009carol hefner elitejpg

Also, can you get more elitist than selling your own spicy Argentine Sauce?

carol hefner 9

I don't know about you, but I think we need to get Louis to review that sauce. I wonder if it pairs well with knock-off Olive Garden salad dressing.


Anyway, I've spent way too much time on my Monday going down the nut job wormhole of hypocrisy. If you to check out more of Carol Hefner's views on the history of slavery and other topics, find her on Facebook while it's still public.

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