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Oklahoma church raffles AR-15 to raise money for local schools…

10:06 AM EDT on July 28, 2016

josh wheeler

Here's one from the "Real Life Crazy Shit That Only Seems To Happen In Oklahoma" file...

Earlier today, an Ogle Mole sent me a link to a Facebook post created by Josh Wheeler (pictured above). He's a pastor for the 1st Assembly of God in Afton, a small, northeast Oklahoma town located in the heart of our lead poisoning belt.

Being the good, moralistic, Christian leader that he is, Josh has organized a raffle to raise money for school supplies. Naturally, the grand prize in the raffle is an AR-15 assault rifle – the weapon of choice for soldiers, paranoid gun enthusiasts and mass shooters from all across the country.

Check it out:

ar 15 raffle oklahoma

That's nice. I'm sure Jesus is getting a kick out of this. I can't think of kinder, thoughtful, more Christ-like way to raise money for Oklahoma students than raffling off the same type of weapon that was used to slaughter 20 elementary school kids at Sandy Hook Elementary. Maybe the Afton school district can use to proceeds to buy some of those bullet proof tornado blankets?

As the flyer states, the drawing will be held on August 31. This gives you plenty of time to buy tickets and support Oklahoma schools. For more information, to buy tickets, or donate other high-capacity firearms that are designed to kill as many people as possible, call Josh at (918) 244-0676.

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