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Joleen Chaney is finally back on the air at Channel 4…


Back in June, I shared the exciting news that Joleen Chaney was returning to KFOR to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming my co-worker.

If you remember correctly, Loren Fultonberg and I were extremely excited about the news, but others around the office didn't take it so well. Abby Broyles was so distraught that she had to take a quick trip to the New Mexico desert for a vision quest, while Linda Cavanaugh, who is usually not frazzled by the arrival of ambitious young starlets, staffed extra Social Media Bandits to guard her dressing quarters and now demands to be carried around the station in an over-sized palanquin lined with expensive silks sheets and fluffy goose-feathered pillows. I'm not going to lie, that thing is heavy.

After about a 45 day wait for the non-compete clause in her contract to expire, JoJo made her debut yesterday afternoon with Lance West on KFOR at 4. Here's a pic:

Also, here's a little fun video bit that Promo Joe put together to celebrate her arrival:

For what it's worth, I suggested we play Little Bit of JoJo as the background music, but Promo Joe wouldn't allow it. I guess he's still mad that I outed him as a Dish Network subscriber. The guy is so passive aggressive.

In addition to co-anchoring, Joleen will be reporting about crime, banditry and sweeps stories about the possibility of sexual predators catching Pokemon underneath your house for the 6pm and 10pm news. Her first report was about an armed robbery at the Jason's Deli that is two miles from my house:

It's really is nice to have JoJo back. She's smart, beautiful and extremely talented, but I have to ask, who is this Megan Morgan the OKCPD is trotting out to give interviews with the news media? She's hotter than a freshly charged tazer. I can't wait to see how she does against Paco Balderama in the next Ogle Madness.

Anyway, it's going to be great having Joleen around the KFOR studios. Although Promo Joe changed up my schedule so that Joleen and I will see each other as infrequently as possible (once again, he's very passive aggressive), I wish her the best of luck. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the break room. I just got an email that Scott Hines made tiny frosted butter cookies that look like watermelon slices. I think Joleen's going to enjoy working here again.

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