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Someone Stole An Upside Down Tin Bevo Statue From A Museum In Lawton


It looks like some people in Lawton are continuing our state's fine tradition of robbing and stealing from Native Americans.

According to this story in The Lawton Constitution, an orange and white tin Bevo statue that was displayed upside down in a rock garden outside the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center was stolen last weekend.

Here are the details from Lawton's finest news source:

A brazen theft of a prize longhorn Friday afternoon will lead to bad medicine for a pair of rustlers, according to the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center director, but they still have a chance to make it right.

"We've experienced a theft of great proportions here at the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center," said Candy Morgan, director. "Last Friday was a Comanche holiday so we weren't even here. It happened in broad daylight."

Stolen was the beloved Bevo, an orange-and-white, tin longhorn that has stood watch over the museum, 701 NW Ferris. His place has been on his back, between two boulders in the entry drive since 2009. Morgan said security video showed the theft took place around 1 p.m. by two men in a white pickup.

"What the thieves don't know is that Bevo has strong 'Puha,' or 'Comanche medicine,'" Morgan said. "He's protected by the old longhorns of yesteryear (and) we're concerned bad things could come to whomever 'borrowed' him."

The origins of Bevo and the museum goes back to 2009 when the museum had active participants involved in a Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk somewhere in Georgia. The group picked up 10 lawn ornaments from a local store and painted nine pink. Bevo was painted orange and white and placed, upside down "as kind of a joke" in homage to the favored OU Sooners football team and its annual rivalry with the University of Texas.

That's kind of funny. If this crime happened in Norman, I would have likely blamed it one a couple of obnoxious University of Texas football fans getting a head start on the Red River Rivalry. It is only 43 days until the start of college football season. But since the theft took place in Lawton, I think it's safe to assume the crime was committed by a couple of guys out collecting scrap metal and copper to fund their meth addiction.

Either way, it's still an amusing story. It's good to see the museum director has a good sense of humor about it. Since I'm off work for the next couple of days driving through the New Mexico desert with a former Oklahoma judge, can can someone pass this story along to one of the KFOR Social Media Bandits? Let's be honest. Bevo Bandits does have a nice ring to it.

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