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Oh yeah, now we’re arresting people for serving bacon-infused vodka…

colin grizzle

The dangerous heathen pictured above is Colin Grizzle. Last week, the former ACM@UCO student became one of Oklahoma City's most notorious criminals after the local media learned he was arrested and forced to spend three nights in jail earlier this year after he was caught managing a bar that serves alcohol infused bacon.

Yep, that's right. Alcohol infused bacon.

The crime of the century occurred at The Pump Bar on NW 23rd and Walker – everyone's favorite trendy place to drink patio beers and listen to Harry Potter audiobooks while urinating – and was cracked open by the diligent, hardworking, community-focused work of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Via a report from KOKH's Bill Schammert:

The Pump Bar is a popular spot on Northwest 23rd & Walker Avenue. It's frequented by a variety of people, and lately, police have been making their presence known.

Back in February, the ABLE Commission was called out to investigate a noise complaint. While it didn't find any noise problems, there was something else suspicious.

Actually, I believe it was the OKCPD who investigated the noise complaint, but whatever, this is Channel 25 we're quoting so we can expect a mistake or two:

"They found bottles of alcohol were being emptied, contents put in the liquor and put back into the bottle," said M.Sgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The police report shows a list of things - garlic, pickles, beef and even bacon, being infused into vodka.

"Obviously this is a violation of law," he said. "You cannot pour alcohol out and pour anything back into the bottle then serve it."

Initially, the bar and on-duty manager Colin Grizzle, were warned. But, Knight says the [OKCPD] VICE unit was called back in April and again found infused liquors.

"You simply cannot do that," he said. "Regardless of what you're putting in it, even if it's just water."

Grizzle was hauled off to jail. The Pump's owner, Ian McDermid, tells FOX 25 his employee spent three days behind bars.

Let's give the OKCPD and the person behind the investigation – Vice Squad Lt. Doug Kimberlin – some credit on this one. The department's stringent, zero-tolerance enforcement on alcohol-infused food products really improves the quality of life in Oklahoma City, and helps make this town a better place to live and raise a family. Let's be honest, infusing alcohol into food is a dangerous slippery slope. If they can infuse alcohol into bacon and garlic, what's next? Alcohol induced jello? Pouring a bottle of vodka in a watermelon? Cooking with red wine?!? The dangers are endless. Great work, OKCPD. Thanks for keeping us all safe.

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