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It looks like they’re (Update: Not) actually filming a “Real Housewives” in OKC

1:56 PM EDT on June 6, 2016

Last Thursday, I received an email from an Ogle Mole that involved a couple of our favorite topics at the TLO Home Office – Christina Fallin and Real Housewives.

If you care or not Christina Fallin is at the powerhouse watching the filming of housewives of OKC.

Christina Fallin? Real Housewives? Photos please!

Disregard... it wasn't her. But if there was an age progression photo of her, then we found the living version of it.

Question. If someone presented us with an age progressed photo of Hipster Boo Boo, what would happen to the feathers in her headdress? Would they fade or change color? Is that how feathers work? Also, what type of clothing would they have Christina wear in the photo. Something from the future that she already owns, or just a regular outfit from Anthropologie?

Anyway, I was kind of disappointed that our Mole wasn't able to snap any photos. I've seen Christina Fallin in person at Power House many times (Yes, it's awkward), but I've never seen a legitimate Real Housewives episode being filmed there. Fortunately, a different Ogle Mole came through and emailed some photos they claim is from a taping of the "Real Housewives of OKC." They were apparently snapped this morning at Kitchen 324. Unlike our fake Real Housewives from a few years ago (video above), these ladies definitely have the Real Housewives look.

Check them out:

real housewives okc 1
real housewives okc 2
real housewives okc 3

I've never watched an episode of any Real Housewives franchise, but I think that will change if this show ever makes it on the air. It can't be any worse than Saving Grace, right?

Anyway, now that we've got our first sneak peek of alleged filming, I guess the question is who are these housewives and where did they come from? As the silicon covering spandex croptop shows, they sure don't look like your typical Oklahoma housewives to me. Are they part of some other Real Housewives series? Possibly. When I first heard this was happening, I though it may revolve around a daughter of one of the RHOOC moving to Oklahoma in 2014, but that daughter moved back to California in 2015. Could this show be an extension of that, or is it totally new. If you have any tips or info about the participants, their husbands or even plastic surgeons, join the Ogle Mole Network and email us details. And while you're at it, please include an age-progressed photo of Christina Fallin. It will be interesting to see what she looks like when she gets her own Real Housewives show in 15 years.


Update: Well, it looks like we pulled a Channel 4... or a Channel 5... or CNN.

According to some Twitter Moles, these plastic beauties are not Real Housewives, but WWE Divas. Not going to lie to you. I'm kind of happy that I don't know the difference.

Anyway, this still doesn't explain the Mole's story about the Powerhouse. Any tips about that?

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