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Report: Sally Kern still hates gay people

Kern, Sally

The only positive thing about the 2016 Oklahoma legislative session is that it marks the final time Ms. Bigot McBigotface (a.k.a. Sally Kern) gets to serve as an Oklahoma lawmaker. Yep, ring the bells and cue the Munchkins, the witch is about to be dead (in a very symbolically-speaking way). Thanks to term limits, she's going out to pasture in Bethany to feed with all the racist, backwards thinking, homophobic bigots and theocrats who elected her to office. Or she'll simply become a lobbyist. One of the two.

With her last days coming up, Sally addressed the house floor and reminded everyone why she'll go down in history is one of the most embarrassing people in Oklahoma history. Randy Krehbiel with The Tulsa World has all the details:

Sally Kern just couldn't let it go.

The Republican state representative from Oklahoma City couldn't leave office without some final words for the bane of her legislative career, the LGBT movement.

"In 2008, I did say the homosexual agenda is worse than terrorism," Kern told her colleagues on Wednesday.

"I didn't apologize in 2008, and I don't apologize today."

Yep, she's not going to apologize for claiming the "Homosexual Agenda" – an evil, sinister movement led by people who enjoy well-manicured yards and simply want to live life openly as who they are and not be shunned by society – is worse than terrorism. Shocking, huh? You would think Sally had grown a brain by now and realized just how offensive and batshit crazy her words were to not only a majority of Oklahomans, but even her own family.

Okay, I'm kidding. Sally Kern has a brain, although I assume it's about the same shape and size as an old man's testicle.

In all honesty, I don't blame Sally for not apologizing. The only thing I respect about her is that she stands by her delusional convictions. That being said, can she at least apologize for being an asshole bitch who damaged our state's national reputation, and somehow found a way to make us even less proud to be Oklahomans? We all deserve an apology for that, right?

"I don't think any of you have become infamous the way I've become infamous," she said.

Kern's stand against issues such as same-sex marriage has always been presented as a religious crusade, and Wednesday was no different.

"The problem is we're trying to change the definition of what sin is, when God is not changing the definition," Kern said.

"In schools all across the country," Kern said, " children are being encouraged to try the homosexual lifestyle, to play act like the opposite sex, because they could be a transgender."

Kern didn't entirely pick this last fight. On May 24, LGBT activists are throwing a going away party for her — a fact wryly noted by Kern herself.

"I was a little bit offended when I first heard about it was just $35 for a ticket," she said. "I thought surely ... I'd be worth at least $50."

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