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State Chamber of Oklahoma is against equal pay for women…

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The mouth-breather pictured above who looks like he did way too much cocaine at Junior's during the oil boom is Mike Seney. He's the Senior Vice President of Policy Analysis for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, the powerful lobbying group that represents the interests of white Oklahoma businessmen. If you need proof of this, check out the names and faces of their Executive Committee. Out of the 20 members, 19 of them are white men, and the lone woman, who likely earns less than the men, has the last name "Peck." How's that for some irony?

Earlier this week, Seney sent a memo to certain legislators imploring them to vote against House Bill 2929. It's the common-sense equal pay bill that would make it easier for Oklahoma women to find out if they are getting paid less than their male colleagues because they have different body parts. It would also increase fines for businesses who pay men more than women for equal work.

KFOR's Abby Broyles, who is probably paid less than Loren Fultonberg because she lives in Oklahoma and is a woman, has all the details:

Equal pay for women took a direct hit from the State Chamber of Commerce.

Right now, women make 73 cents on the dollar, compared to men.

A bill that would change that sailed through the House and Senate.

Then, came the letter.

The bill has been in committee to work out some of the language, and then a big blow came Wednesday afternoon from the business community.

The State Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to lawmakers urging them to vote 'no' on the equal pay bill.

That's infuriating. How can a group be against equal pay for women? Oh wait, this is the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. They have to protect the affluent white man status quo.

We've acquired via the Ogle Mole Network a copy of the letter / memo the Chamber sent to various legislators. Check out:

oklahoma state chamber equal pay letter

Oops. My bad. Wrong memo. Here's the real one:

oklahoma state chamber of commerce

First of all, I should probably be transparent and say I'm a bit biased on this topic. My mom is a longtime state employee. About 10 years ago or so, she discovered she was being paid less than her male colleagues who held equal and similar positions. She filed an EEOC complaint, lawyered up, and won back pay. I'd like to point out that the only way she was able to learn that she was being paid less than her male colleagues was due to state salaries being an open record. Most employees in the private sector don't have that luxury, therefore, it's kind of paramount for employees to be able to discuss salaries and wages with their coworkers without fear of retribution from greedy white male asshats like the people who run the State Chamber of Commerce.

Anyway, it's not surprising that the State Chamber would take this type of position on a non-partisan bill. They represent selfish businesses that care more about the bottom line than wage equality for employees. What pisses me off is the political bullshit they're trying to play. If they had a problem with the language or terms of the bill, they should have brought it up back in January when they were first presented the bill by legislators. Instead, they took a "neutral" stance and strategically waited until the very last second to "change their minds," flex their political muscle to try, and try to kill a bill that most Oklahomans who read above a fourth grade level support. Say what you want about the entitled, privileged white men who run the State Chamber. They may be greedy assholes protecting their own self-interest over that of what's good for the state, but they're not stupid. If you have dirt on any of them, let us know. In the name of equality, we'd love to share it.

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