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David Payne had a rough night…

Unless you were hospitalized with a panic attack thanks to the week-long fear mongering of our local weather media, it looks like we made it through yesterday's severe weather event with only a few bruises, scratches and down power lines.

Yes, the deadly PDS Weather Event – Copyright © 2016 Mike Morgan – that had been hyped for a week never quite materialized, leaving our local media and weather forecasting community with some massive Jimmy's Egg on their face.

David Payne accurately and accidentally summarized the event early on. Check this out:

In case you care, the "mouth" David Payne was referring to belongs to the local weather media. The one doing the "business" was Mother Nature.

Seriously, that's amazing. Outside of "That storm is going down on Val," I don't think there is a more raunchy way to describe severe weather. How did the phrase even land in David Payne's vernacular? Does he use "That Mouth Is Open For Business" often, or did he just pick it up from Dean Blevins.

Then again, maybe he was just really hungry and wanted some Cinnabon:

Yeah, it was kind of a rough night for David Payne, but I'm willing to give him a pass. He and everyone else in the local media were all amped up and prepared for a full-blazing hardcore F5 tornado genesis, but instead they were greeted with Edgar Cruz playing acoustic guitar at Full Circle. Although I'm glad the apocalyptic forecast didn't materialize, I kind of felt sorry for them. I've never seen so many bored, disappointed people revved up on Red Bull in my life. I would have been looking for a Cinnamon Roll, or mouth open for business, too.

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