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OKCPS Boss helps score Amanda Taylor a free trip to San Diego…

3:01 PM EDT on April 20, 2016

Rob Neu

The guy pictured above is Rob Neu. At the moment, he is the Superintendent of OKC Public Schools (a.k.a. the second worst job in America). Like virtually all OKC Public Schools Superintendents before him, he's done a pathetic job handling the impossible task of properly managing our state's largest school district.

Well, at least that's what the Moles are telling me. I guess I believe them. The guy's so bad at his job that he can't even quit, resign or get fired without some confusion.

Via an April 11 story on News 9:

OKC Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu To Resign

Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu is planning to step down, according to an Oklahoma City Public Schools board member. 

Neu is in his second year as superintendent.  A special board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday to discuss his employment.

News 9 apparently relied on Dean Blevins' sources to report the resignation, because the news channel ran this correction the following day:

OKCPS Superintendent Rob Neu Says He Has Not Resigned

Rob Neu, Superintendent for the Oklahoma City Public Schools, released a statement on Tuesday, saying he has not resigned. 

Neu released the following statement,

"I have not resigned. I am very disappointed that this was reported in the news media. I have no further comment at this time."

On Monday, an OKCPS board member confirmed with News 9 that Neu is planning to step down. He is in his second year as superintendent. A special board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday to discuss his employment.

Wow. Do you like how News 9 threw that board member under the school bus? I bet that's the last time that person feeds them unreliable information.

The OKC School Board had their special meeting. This happened:

OKCPS: Superintendent Rob Neu Currently 'Out Of The Office'

Members of the Oklahoma City Public School Board say Rob Neu is currently "out of office” and the associate superintendent will take over his responsibilities at this time. The board also said Neu's employment with the district will continued to be discussed.

The news comes after a special board meeting, Thursday evening, regarding Neu’s employment with the district. The meeting lasted about five hours in executive session.

Yep, he's "Out of the Office." Back when I had a real job, I always enjoyed going "Out of the Office" because it meant I could write the always fun Outlook "Out of Office" auto-reply. It's one of the few perks of having an office job. I bet Neu's went something like this:


I'll be out of the office for the rest of the school year until I either resign or get fired. 

If you need immediate assistance, please contact acting Associate Superintendent Aurora Lora. She's the poor sap who will be handling my "responsibilities" until they find some other clueless, desperate soul to try and do it. 

Anyway, Neu was in San Diego (on his own dime) to speak at some conference. I think the title of his presentation was "The Repercussions Of Taking A Job Where There Is No Opportunity For Success." Probably because they were burned on the resignation story, News 9 flew Amanda Taylor to San Diego to verify the visit and ask some questions:

When news erupted last week that the Oklahoma City School Board stripped Neu of his job responsibilities, everyone wanted to find out why. But Neu was nowhere to be found, Tuesday, when News 9 tracked him down all the way in San Diego for some answers.

Neu is in California participating in an education panel. But when News 9’s Amanda Taylor tried to attend the conference for those answers, security intervened.

Amanda: I'm a member of the media. I'm trying to get some answers from our superintendent.

Security: I'm going to ask you to turn off your cameras please?

Security escorted News 9 out, but News 9 obtained a photo of Neu participating in the presentation.

Heh. News 9 sent Amanda Taylor all the way to sunny San Diego and all they got was a pic and security escort out of the hotel. That figures. Her investigative reporting has really suffered ever since that contractor locked her in that garage. The only thing she's really good at anymore is interviewing the next big Nashville star.

If News 9 was smart, they would have sent Steve Shaw to San Diego instead. He probably would have dressed in disguise as a waiter and surprised Neu at the resort swimming pool. Hell, I bet the poor guy had a dozen of his best Hawaiian shirts already packed and an "Out of Office" auto-reply ready to go. I genuinely feel sorry for him. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Thanks for reading!

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