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Meet your Ogle Madness IX Champion…


After 21 days, 63 matchups and 41,000 votes by TLO readers, fans, haters, and a few computer scripts, Ogle Madness IX is in the books. Winning the championship match by a comfortable tally of 525 - 404, your Ogle Madness IX Champion is...

lacey swope flowers

Lacey Swope

Even though Lacey Swope won Ogle Madness VII a few years ago, I have to say this is kind of surprising. After last year's disappointing showing, I thought she was done like a dissipating wall cloud. I guess that shows what I know. Lacey's path to the championship was a murderers' row. Look at who she defeated in each round of the tournament:

Round One: Random Median On Western

Round Two: Edna’s Lunch Boxes

Sweet Sixteen: Olivia Munn

Elite Eight: Emily Sutton

Final Four: Joleen Chaney

championship: Russell Westbrook

Seriously, I'm not sure any other Ogle Madness Champion has had a more difficult path to the championship. Congratulations to her and her New 9 co-workers who probably voted for her hundreds of times.

Anyway, I guess this concludes Ogle Madness IX. I'd like to thank everyone for voting. I'd also like to thank our main man Lucas for taking one for the team and putting all the posts together. Once again, I didn't have time to produce a One Shining Moment video, so let's just rewatch this extremely dated one for Ogle Madness II. Godspeed.

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