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Moore sold its water tower to China…

moore water tower

Earlier this week, the City of Moore took down its "iconic" water tower on Telephone Road. You know, the one that had warned weary travelers since the 1960s that they were entering the city's limits.

Out of all the water towers in town, it was probably my favorite. I loved the simplicity of it. It didn't feel the need to tell everyone that Toby Keith lives there. It was just like "Here I am. I'm Moore."

The city removed the tower because it had not been used since the 1980s, needed a couple hundred thousand dollars and repair, and could be turned into scraps and sold to China. Something called Moore Monthly has all the details:

A familiar site is being removed, today, from the Moore city scape. Crews began work on the demolition of the Moore waterpower on Telephone Rd at 5am this morning and expect to be finished at 3 this afternoon.

“The tower was built in the early 60s and it hasn’t been in use by the city for a number of years now, and the city staff made a recommendation to the City Council that we have it torn down, or demolished,” said Mark Hamm, Moore Ward 2 Councilman.

There are no immediate plans for the space the tower once occupied. There are thoughts that it may be turned into a parking lot to give added convenience to residents wishing to use the Moore Recycle Center.

The excess metal from the tower will be making its way to China to be used in future products.

Wow. They sold it to China to make "future products." How un-American is that? I bet Toby Keith is redder than a solo cup right now. He probably should have raised some money to save it. He already has one water tower with his name on it. Why not have two? He could have put "Save Toby" or something on it. I don't know.

Anyway, I know a couple of hot chicks from Moore and I asked them what they thought about the water tower coming down. One of them said "The song Water Tower by Jason Aldean explains it all." You can listen to it here. Also, now that the big tower is gone, I wonder what’s going to become Moore’s newest landmark? I vote the Furr’s Fresh Buffet along I-35 or the Moore Liquor sign.

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