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Dean Blevins is making Facebook Videos…

dean blevins

A month or two ago, we learned that News 9 is now requiring its anchors, reporters, and weathermen to meet weekly Facebook video quotas. They're doing this because:

A) The Facebook algorithm currently places more emphasis on videos, and since they are in the for-profit TV news business, it behooves News 9 to try to game the system and get as many views as possible.

B) They hate humanity and want your scrolling thumb to develop arthritis.

The videos are supposed to promote and highlight the stories News 9 employees are working on for the nightly news, but for the most part, all they do is remind us of the importance of teleprompters, proper lighting and make-up. Sometimes, though, we do get an occasional gem. My favorite is the now-mysteriously-deleted Steve Shaw spot where Steve probably got drunk and rambled for a couple of minutes about his decorative pillows and the DVDs he buys from Best Buy.

We also get videos like this from Dean Blevins. He filed it yesterday from a hotel gym in Houston:

Pumping iron and talking Final Four!

Posted by Dean Blevins on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We give Dean a bunch of crap on this site, but kudos to him for having fun with News 9's Facebook video directive and not taking it too seriously. Now, while he's in Houston, maybe Teddy Brosevelt can stop by one of their many acclaimed hospitals and see why he can't last more than 30-seconds walking on a treadmill. Is he Regular Jim Traber on the inside? Seriously, that was scarier than watching Dean hit on a cute bartender at the Interurban. The guy has nailed plenty of touchdowns, jump shot and coeds in his lifetime. He shouldn't be in that bad of shape. Then again, maybe he should.

That being said, maybe Dean is just human and got bored after 30-seconds. I know that's what happens to me anytime I step foot on a treadmill. Why should I walk in place and watch TV when I can do it in a chair? Perhaps Dean should make a 30-second exercise DVD for Chubby Funsters like me to watch. He could even sell it Best Buy so our Broseph Steve Shaw can pick up a copy.

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