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The Nixons are having a reunion concert!

11:08 AM EDT on March 30, 2016

nixons oklahoma city concert

If you experienced puberty in Oklahoma City in the late 1980s to mid-1990s, there's a solid chance that you were a fan, or at least aware, of The Nixons. The Norman rock band made it big in the alternative music scene in 1995 with their grunge radio classic "Sister." Although I seriously thought the song was performed by Pearl Jam the first 10 - 15 times I heard it on the KATT, it's one of the great alternative ballads of the decade.

Just saying the band's name makes me dance on the stage of memory. One of the first concerts I ever attended was a Nixons show in a parking lot in Bricktown. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever passed out from smoking too much weed. Or was that the Creed concert? I can't remember, but I do remember buying the Nixon's debut CD "Foma" from the CD Warehouse on M. May and playing it on repeat while playing pool with my friend Johnny. Lead by "Sister," "Head" and "Happy Song," it quickly became one of the soundtracks to my summer of 1995.

Knowing all that, imagine what I did this morning when I learned The Nixons are getting back together at something called the "Oklahoma Songwriters Festival." It will be held in Bricktown at the end of the April. Here are the details via the Oklahoma Songwriters Festival home page:

A long overdue reunion

Zac Maloy, John Humphrey and Jesse Davis of The Nixon's will be performing a few songs at the show Saturday night.  Come hear  a few of the bands favorite songs in an acoustic setting.  First time for them to take the stage together in over 10 years.

Uhm, that's it? "A few of the band's favorite songs in an acoustic setting?" Who do they think they are? The Eagles? Seriously, I'll take a Nixons reunion anyway I can get it, but they need to plug-in the amps a do a real reunion concert sometime this summer. If we can get Wakeland and PC Quest to open for them, I guarantee you it will be a hit. Hell, I'll even help promote the thing on the website for free. Let's do it Nixons. Have your people contact my people. We'll make Gen X / Old Millennial dreams come true.

Thanks for reading!

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