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Ogle Madness IX: Elite Eight, West Region

russell westbrook

We've hit the last match-up before a Final Four that is shaping up to be an epic Ogle Madness Classic. This afternoon, I'd like to use this particular match-up to imagine Russell Westbrook and The Ogle Brothers at first meeting for battle, but then deciding to join forces. Russ would pick out hot new outfits for the Bros, and the Ogle boys would coach Westbrook on how to better communicate with the press. It's win-win!

(2) Russell Westbrook vs. (5) The Ogle Brothers

Russell-Westbrook angry

(2) Russell Westbrook

Round One: Defeated Aaron Tuttle’s Tan

Round Two: Defeated Lee and Gentry

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Gwen Stefani

Who He Is: Vicious alien beast/OKC Thunder point guard

Biggest Strength: Gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks

Biggest Weakness: Dresses like an eight year-old with no supervision


ogle brothers
(5) The Ogle Brothers

Round One: Defeated Derek Albro

Round Two: Defeated Ogletoberfest

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Olivia Munn

Who They Are: Oklahoma’s leading news dynasty

Biggest Strength: Rugged chins

Biggest Weakness: Still fight over who gets to play with the Action Jackson jungle fortress set

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