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Ogle Madness IX: Elite Eight, Midwest Region

Life is full of difficult choices. Taco Mayo or Taco Bueno? Rose State or OKCCC? Wu Wear or FUBU?

Ok, so those are questions I haven't considered since high school, but they're still important choices. This year's OMIX is full of tough ones. For example, teachers knocked off (1) Kevin Durant last week by a count of 305 - 298. We believe it's the first time KD hasn't made the Elite 8. It's like we're all expecting him to leave or something.

Speaking of leaving the state for better money, the upset-minded Teachers have another tough obstacle on their way to the Final 4. It's thick and covered with gravy:

(2) Chicken Fried Steak vs. (5) Teachers

Go vote!

okla ed rally 13

(5) Teachers

Round One: Defeated Oklahoman Editorial Board

Round Two: Defeated Skirvin Bedbugs

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Kevin Durant

Who They Are: Sad, underpaid individuals that are responsible for thousands of children

Biggest Strength: Can ruin generations of Oklahomans through their cynicism

Biggest Weakness: Will eventually move out-of-state/commit suicide


(2) Chicken Fried Steak

Round One: Defeated Galleria Furniture Girl

Round Two: Defeated David Boren

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Earthquakes

What It Is: Not chicken, barely a steak, all the way delicious

Biggest Strength: Smothered in gravy

Biggest Weakness: Leading cause of heart disease in Oklahoma

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