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Chad Moody needs to get stoned…

4:37 PM EDT on March 21, 2016

It's hard to step foot inside any bar or restaurant in the Oklahoma City metro without seeing a bright neon-colored Chad Moody "The Drug Lawyer" pen. Second to only the infamous TLO Trivia Night pen, these neon pink, yellow and green promotional trinkets are the prefered writing utensils for servers, bartenders and Jimmy's Egg cashiers all over the metro. Seriously, they are everywhere. He must sell them by the ounce or something.

Anyway, I guess Chad Moody's pens are really expensive. At least that's what I assume after watching this KFOR story. Apparently Chad got upset and said mean, moody things to a methhead who owes him money.


One client is speaking up saying he's fearful for his life and doesn't know what to do after he claims his attorney, Chad Moody, is threatening him for lack of payment.

The client said he's afraid for his life after Moody used racial and derogatory language in a voicemail left demanding payment for his services.

"It's not your b****. It's not your piece of sh** that you step on. It's not your slave. It's not your ni****. It's Chad Moody who works for you, but you won't f****** pay me," Moody allegedly said in a voicemail recording to his client, Nichalas Frank.

Moody is known for helping clients with drug related charges, his website claiming "Our league of lawyers is committed to ending the war on drugs while mitigating the harm it does in the meantime."

"He pretty much told me I 'd be sorry if I didn't pay him," Frank said. "He hasn't done much in my case at all. He just gets continuances."

Frank, 26, hired Moody to help him with a meth charge from 2014.

"I understand I haven't paid him, yeah, because I fear I haven't gotten my services back," Frank said.

That's shocking! You're telling me that someone who was arrested on meth charges owes someone else money? No way?! What's next? KFOR treating a drug user who doesn't want to pay legal bills as a reliable individual?

"Why don't you come to my office, because I'm having a frustrating day, and I would like to really beat the sh** out of somebody and, that way, you can at least be somewhat useful for the human race. God d*****, f****** pay me, a******," Moody allegedly said in another voicemail.

"He knew what he was getting himself into when he took the case," Frank said. "I told him I didn't make much money, I didn't make much income at the time."

Frank said he's scared for what could happen.

"I'm in fear for my life over this man," Frank said. "You're looking over your shoulder all the time."...

"This man, last time, he said, 'If you don't pay me, we'll have problems, and there's other people out in this world that can take care of my problems.'" Frank said. "That automatically means he will hire who he has to hire to take care of me."

"I'm letting you know I've got this conflict of interest, because I would love to see your sorry a** in prison, because you're using me like your f****** ni****," Moody allegedly said.

"I don't want something to happen to my mom, because I take care of her a lot," Frank said, fighting back tears. "This guy is pretty powerful, and I'm pretty sure he can do what he wants to do at any moment."

Chad, you're the drug lawyer. Your logo has a marijuana leaf. Why the hell do you sound like an angry hitman from a Quentin Tarantino movie?! Chill out! You haven't stopped smoking weed have you? That would explain a lot.

KFOR tried to reach out to Mr. Moody McMooderson to get his side of the story, but like most potheads, he forgot to get back with them. I'm sure he'll respond in a few weeks and claim his reply was stuck in the drafts folder. Also, If this Nichalas Frank guy is smart, he better come up with the money. I'm sure he knows some creative ways to steal things. I'd suggest gobbling up all of Chad's pens and selling them back to him.

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