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Ogle Madness: West Region (Upper Bracket)

8:00 AM EDT on March 17, 2016

We're cracking into the last of the conferences now, and this one is chock-full of media celebs, nut-jobs, and other assorted Ogle-fodder. If you don't vote, you can't complain about your next reigning Oglelord, so make your decisions wisely!

(1) Olivia Jordan vs. (16) Donald Trump
(8) Linda Cavanaugh vs. (9) Dean Blevins
(4) Ogletoberfest vs. (13) Bob Mills
(5) The Ogle Brothers vs. (12) Derek Albro


(1) Olivia Jordan vs. (16) Donald Trump

olivia jordan hot 3

(1) Olivia Jordan

Who She Is: First Oklahoman to be crowned Miss USA

Biggest Strength: Level 20 MegaBabe

Biggest Weakness: Will forever have a film credit for "Ted" on her IMDB page


donald trump

(16) Donald Trump

Who He Is: Gazillionaire fascist who will be your next president

Biggest Strength: Bullying people into believe he is competent

Biggest Weakness: Will never know what it is like to have a human soul



(8) Linda Cavanaugh vs. (9) Dean Blevins


(8) Linda Cavanaugh

Who She Is: KFOR news anchor

Biggest Strength: 15 Emmy's, reminds you of your mom

Biggest Weakness: Texas hair



(9) Dean Blevins

Who He Is: KWTV sportscaster

Biggest Strength: Will somehow always have a job

Biggest Weakness: Twitter syntax



(4) Ogletoberfest vs. (13) Bob Mills


(4) Ogletoberfest

What It Is: A delicious marzen-style beer made by Oklahoma City's own Anthem Brewing (not sure where the name comes from though)

Biggest Strength: Malts taste that is smooth and sweet, gets you drunk

Biggest Weakness: Seasonal (kind of)


bob mills

(13) Bob Mills

Who He Is: Sells dinettes/campaigns for Donald Trump

Biggest Strength: Probably has a bitchin' living room

Biggest Weakness: Wants a racist for president



(5) The Ogle Brothers vs. (12) Derek Albro

ogle brothers

(5) The Ogle Brothers

Who They Are: Oklahoma's leading news dynasty

Biggest Strength: Rugged chins

Biggest Weakness: Still fight over who gets to play with the Action Jackson jungle fortress set


derek albro

(12) Derek Albro

Who He Is: ‎Director Public and Government Affairs at Devon Energy

Biggest Strength: Writes the governor's talking points

Biggest Weakness: Has one of the sleaziest jobs in the world


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