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Ogle Madness IX: Midwest Region (Upper Bracket)

We're halfway through the first round of Ogle Madness IX. Now it's time to start the Midwest Region! There are some pretty killer matchups here. There's the potential for a few upsets that could shift the weight of this conference, especially the Skirvin Bedbugs. Make sure you get your votes in today!

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) State Budget Crisis
(8) Abigail Ogle vs. (9) Steve Shaw
(4) Carrie Underwood vs. (13) Skirvin Bedbugs
(5) Teachers vs. (12) Oklahoman Editorial Board

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) State Budget Crisis

kevin durant

(1) Kevin Durant

Who He Is: The new guy in the Sonic commercials

Biggest Strength: Can drop buckets on any living animal, mineral, or Terminator

Biggest Weakness: Expiring contract



(16) State Budget Crisis

What It Is: An ever-widening black hole of madness & desperation

Biggest Strength: Prepares us for the upcoming zombie apocalypse/second Dust Bowl/Trump presidency

Biggest Weakness: Purges our best and our brightest



(8) Abigail Ogle vs. (9) Steve Shaw

abigail ogle

(8) Abigail Ogle

Who She Is: Future overlord of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Is connected to everybody cool or important

Biggest Weakness: Schambach isn't going anywhere soon


steve shaw

(9) Steve Shaw

Who He Is: News 9's badass Tommy Bahama reporter bro

Biggest Strength: Isn't afraid of snakes

Biggest Weakness: Bad at Tinder



(4) Carrie Underwood vs. (13) Skirvin Bedbugs


(4) Carrie Underwood

Who She Is: Won some show called "American Idol," not sure what she's done since then

Biggest Strength: Has seven Grammy's

Biggest Weakness: Vegan


bed bugs skirvin

(13) Skirvin Bedbugs

What They Are: Terrifying insects that haunt visiting NBA players

Biggest Strength: Capable of incapacitating Kyrie Irving

Biggest Weakness: Vulnerable to Raid



(5) Teachers vs. (12) Oklahoman Editorial Board

okla ed rally 13

(5) Teachers

Who They Are: Sad, underpaid individuals that are responsible for thousands of children

Biggest Strength: Can ruin generations of Oklahomans through their cynicism

Biggest Weakness: Will eventually move out-of-state/commit suicide


oklahoman earthquake editorial

(12) Oklahoman Editorial Board

Who They Are: Ancient Republican dust-bags who believe jaywalkers deserve the death penalty

Biggest Strength: Influences of a wide segment of Oklahomans who are at risk of triggering a Silver Alert

Biggest Weakness: In a dying industry



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