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The Video Vigilante thinks Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent…

daniel holtzclaw cryin

Over the weekend, The Video Vigilante – Oklahoma's favorite videographer of prostitutes having back alley sexual relations in parked cars with Johns – posted a lengthy defense of Daniel Holtzclaw. It's apparently part of a new documentary treatment he's pitching to Netflix called "Making a Scumbag Serial Rapist," because you know, there's nothing the authorities like to do more than frame a fellow police officer for the rape of a bunch of black women. They're just notorious for it.

Via John TV:

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was sentenced to 263 years in prison after an Oklahoma County jury found him guilty of 18 sexual assault related crimes against eight accusers. Holtzclaw was acquitted of 18 other sexual assault related crimes against an additional five accusers.

What comes next I’ve written and re-written dozens of times in an attempt to accurately, concisely and fairly portray what I personally witnessed in regards to this investigation and trial.

Before I give you my opinion of Daniel’s guilt or innocence I want to qualify that opinion. But more than that, I want to provide insights to this case that were never reported and never considered by a public that has been all too eager to redefine Daniel as the poster child for decades of abuse against minorities, in particular female minorities, by those with not only the ability to do so, but presumably an almost unquestionable authority to do so.

In this article I intentionally stay away from theories, race, backgrounds, jury makeup/influences and the “why’s?” (except where evidentiary). I wanted to limit this article to just the facts as presented in open court.

Yeah, he's limiting his article to the "just the facts as presented in court." If that's the case, isn't he regurgitating the same facts that a jury of 12 white people recently used to find Holtzclaw guilty of raping eight black women? Call me crazy, but I'd trust their judgement more than a guy who stalks prostitutes and worked for Holtzclaw's defense team:

Wait. What?

Not long after Daniel was arrested and criminally charged, I was called and asked by his defense lawyer, Scott Adams, to take a look at this case and give my opinion...

I’ve known Mr. Adams both personally and professionally for several years. I’ve worked directly and indirectly on many of his cases. Mr. Adams successfully represented me in the past when I faced false accusations by a female accuser and the wrath of an Oklahoma City Police Vice Lt. and an Oklahoma County District Attorney who cared very little about the truth.

Before we continue, I'd like to point that Scott Adams also accompanies The Video Vigilante on his trips to review and slam local restaurants.

After looking over the evidence available at that time, I told Mr. Adams that while I was no fan of the police and certainly not an apologist for anyone who would take advantage of women in these circumstances, I did not believe there was anything thus far proving Daniel had committed a crime. In fact, I agreed with Mr. Adams that much of the investigation seemed flawed.

After meeting with Daniel, who was on house arrest at the time, and his father, Eric Holtzclaw, who is a Lieutenant with another police agency in another city, I was asked to officially assist in Daniel’s defense...

The fact that I assisted in this case through the entire trial and literally sat with Daniel in his jail cell, until only an hour before his guilty verdict was announced, should make my opinion crystal clear.

“I do not think Daniel Holtzclaw is guilty of the crimes he was charged with and later convicted of.” — Brian Bates

There you have it folks. The guy who was paid to represent Holtzclaw still believes Holtzclaw is innocent. Shocking. I would joke that we should petition Mary Fallin to free the man based on that statement, but she'd probably actually do it.

(Editor's Note: Sorry, something came up and I had to cut this post off short. If you want, check out Mr. Vigilante's extremely long, biased post that's probably a bunch of B.S. and share your thoughts in the comments.)

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