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What it’s like to get kicked out of a Trump rally in Tulsa…

Austin Ray 1

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown.

Back when Presidential candidate Donald Trump came to town, I wasn’t allowed to cover it with the rest of the Action Ogle News Team, mostly because TLO editor Patrick didn’t want to have to bail me out of jail. For treason. Again.

I have been able to live my dreams of heckling Trump vicariously, however, through the brave souls throughout this country that are taking a stand when no one else will, including last week when 20-year-old Tulsa student Austin Ray was thrown out of Trump’s latest stump for having the audacity to call the billionaire out on his smears about Bernie Sanders.

I was able to catch up with Ray this weekend and here is a portion of his Socialist-ensconced mantras against freedom designed to take away your guns and Academy Awards. Or not.

Louis: Donald Trump is trying to make America great again. Why do you hate America?

Austin: I don’t hate America! I just happen to think Donald Trump isn’t the best candidate running. I mean, he uses his platform to create misogyny, hate, xenophobia…

When you were sitting in the middle of this rally, waiting to make your move, what was the mood of the supporters like? What were some things you overheard?

It wasn’t much of a culture shock. I mean, I come from a small town so sometimes I already know these people. They were just spouting so much misinformation; there was a lady behind us, speaking to another lady, and they were pointing out how a girl was wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt, and then they launched into a tirade about how Socialism is just like Marxism, so I turned around and asked her “Do you know what Socialism actually is?” and she couldn’t answer, so I informed her. Her mother then turns to me and states “I think it’s time for you to turn around, we didn’t ask you to butt into our conversation.” And then she told me that I “shouldn’t believe everything” my college professors say.

Blaming educators seems like a very Oklahoma pastime. So what was it you did and said that got the attention of Trump? How did the crowd react around you?

So Trump said that Bernie wanted to raise taxes 91%, which is completely unfounded and untrue, and then proceeded to say Bernie supporters were “wackos”, so I don’t even know what happened after that, I just remember screaming “Bernie 2016!” My voice kept getting louder until I was screaming “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” and then everyone in my immediate vicinity looks at me and starts pointing and booing then they started yelling “Trump! Trump! Trump!” I was in such a rage I think I yelled out “I don’t vote for racists!”

Were you at any point worried for your life? Trump supporters can be a reactionary bunch.

I was a little worried I might be hit or hurt. Some guy actually started hitting me in the face with his jacket a row down from me, but he himself couldn’t physically reach me. Someone threw water in my face and gave me a little bath—I’m just glad it wasn’t soda. I’m thankful about that.

Austin Ray 2

How did the cops that escorted you out treat you?

The cop that came and escorted me out was very nice. He made sure that no one hurt me or attacked me on the way up the stairs, even let me use the restroom on the way out, which was really nice.

What are some tips you might have to give to complete a successful disruptive protest?

Don’t say anything too derogatory, don’t pick fights with Trump supporters, their views are just as legitimate as ours, even if they are completely unfounded at times. Don’t be violent, don’t do something Bernie wouldn’t do. Bring a friend—don’t go alone, that’s too dangerous. Just try to be respectful; you can express your disapproval by holding up a sign or something. Maybe don’t do what I did…it was an emotional reaction, so I wasn’t quite aware of my actions…just don’t spread hate.

Through your subtle hints, I take it you’re a supporter of Bernie Sanders. In your estimation, why should we vote for Sanders over Trump?

I’ve been following Bernie prior to the election for about three years and I was always blown away by how consistent his entire political career has been. I mean, he doesn’t accept money from lobbyists, special interest groups or large corporations; the only people he’s beholden to are his supporters. I really like him because he stood up for gay rights in the 1980s, he’s been a lifelong supporter of women’s rights, he supports universal healthcare for all, free or low-cost college tuition and so and so forth.

Final question: it’s January 21st, 2017. One day into a Trump presidency. How f@cked up are things already?

I couldn’t even begin to imagine. I would hopefully expect a mass exodus to another nation, but I can’t even envision a scenario where Trump could realistically be President under any circumstances.

Louis Fowler is not only a mindless drone of the Left-wing propaganda machine, he’s also fat, so remember to add that in your comments. Follow him on Twitter at @LouisFowler.

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