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10 best piles of sticks, logs and branches in Patrick’s neighborhood…

3:07 PM EST on January 6, 2016

okc branches 11

During Thanksgiving weekend of 2015, the OKC metro was hit with one of those infamous ice storms that now seems to take place every couple of years or so. For almost three days, sleet, ice and freezing rain blasted the city, cracking tree limbs and toppling electric lines, and leaving thousands in the area without power.

40 days or so later, we're still reminded of that storm (and the ones that followed) thanks to those huge piles of sticks, branches, and logs that everyone stacked next to their curb foolishly thinking the city will someday pick them all up. Ha ha, suckers! You can't expect city workers to have time to pick up all these tree limbs, branches and dead leaves and still take care of their regular duties like smoking cigarettes and taking breaks.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share pics of my 10 favorite piles of branches I see whenever I take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes I'll look at the piles and think "I bet mice and other rodents enjoy this pile" or "How many dogs have peed on this" or "When is the city going to pick up this crap?!"

Check them out:


okc branches 9

This is a very neatly stacked and organized pile. I also like how they planted one of the branches in the ground in hopes that a tree would grow back like Groot.


okc branches 2

This pile of branches belongs to my neighbor Adam. I'm pretty sure he caught me grabbing leaves and sticks from the pile one night for my fire pit. He asked what I was doing and I simply told him I was out of toilet paper and smiled. That shut him up.


okc branches 13

Apparently a power line fell at this house. The fire department and OG&E came out and then moved it to the curb with black wires still attached to it. I'm sure it's fine. What's the worst that could happen? Someone touch the wires and die? Yeah right.


okc branches 6

Branches were in front of this person's house for such a long time that he finally said "F*ck it" and built flimsy wooden furniture.


okc branches 11

This is one of the largest piles in my neighborhood, which actually shows how lucky we got. This is like Mt. Scott to some of the Himalayan piles you'll see in Yukon or West OKC.


okc branches 3

I like this. You can see that they first made two small piles of wood, and then got bored and connected them into one big pile by placing logs on the top. That's a good technique to use when piling branches. It's artistic, yet practical.


okc branches 12

This asshole apparently didn't want to ruin his fancy grass, so he just piled his branches in street. That sounds like something Regular Jim Traber would do. What a punk!


okc branches

This shrewd homeowner thought by placing trash cans next to the sticks that maybe the city would pick up everything. The branches are still there, but you have to give them credit for trying.


okc branches 1

Something tells me these neighbors don't like each other. Either the people on the left blocked a portion of their neighbor's driveway, or the people on the right put their sticks and branches in their neighbor's yard. They're a boring version of the Hatfields and McCoys.


okc branches 10

At the pace the city is picking up the limbs, they may be able to use that Christmas tree next year, too.


Anyway, those are my 10 favorite piles of branches in my neighborhood. What was your favorite one?

Thanks for reading!

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