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Morgan Chesky has left Channel 5…

morgan chesky oklahoma

We have some sad news to report if you like handsome news anchors with handsome news anchor voices.

Morgan Chesky, the Cheech to Paul Folger's Chong, has left KOCO Channel 5. We know this thanks to Twitter:

That's sad. Morgan Chesky was one of the best anchors in OKC. I've felt that way ever since I thought he was a female news anchor letting us know he was new to OKC in 2012.

Patrick, Clark, and Tony,

Greetings from Austin. Stumbled across Lost Ogle and wanted to touch base on an upcoming move to OKC.

Just accepted a weekend anchor role at KOCO where I'll start January 7th.

Know y'all cover a little bit of everything, but wanted to pass on my contact info should any news/media story arise.


Morgan CheskyWeekend Anchor, KOCO News

We have no clue why Morgan is leaving or what's next in his career. According to his Instagram, Morgan really doesn't know either, but I think he'll be fine. He'll land on his feet somewhere and probably become a famous news anchor... or at least a spokesperson for a local public utility.

Morgan has all the qualities and characteristics you look for in a worker. He has a strong live presence in dynamic situations. His writing and delivery focuses on being clear, but concise. He's a skilled photographer/non-linear editor on multiple platforms. He's a proven field anchor, adept at handling breaking news, has experience working with diverse staff in a variety of environments, and displays many other positive traits that I found on his LinkedIn Page.

And in addition to all that, he still has a hot sister:

caitlynn chesky
caitlynn chesky 6
caitlynn chesky 2

Seriously, who doesn't want to hire a guy with a hot sister?!

Anyway, we wish Morgan Chesky the best of luck in his future endeavors. The guy's a pro and he'll do well in whatever he does. Our moms and Steve Lackmeyer will miss him. Amen.

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