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Costumed man locks himself inside Broken Arrow “Kum and Go” bathroom…

Michael Carter tulsa tattoos

Sometimes the headlines just write themselves...

Last week, Michael Carter – the guy with a buddhist swastika, pentagrams and his favorite Super Bowls tattooed on his forehead – was arrested at a Broken Arrow "Kum and Go" after he waltzed into the store wearing Russell Westbrook's "No" outfit and locked himself into the bathroom.

Via The Smoking Gun:

A masked, costumed man was arrested after causing a disturbance at a Kum & Go convenience store in Oklahoma, police report.

Michael Carter, 26, was collared Wednesday morning by Broken Arrow cops for obstructing or interfering with police, a misdemeanor.

According to police, Kum & Go employees asked Carter to leave the business, but he refused. Instead, Carter locked himself in a store bathroom.

In addition to the mask, Carter wore a red bandana that was accessorized with forks, a makeshift red cape, and red sweatpants. A toy gun was tucked into Carter’s waistband.

Before entering the Kum & Go, Carter was seen at a nearby Whataburger restaurant, where a diner took photos of him.

The Smoking Gun's description of the pic really doesn't do it justice. You have to see it. He looks like a Highlander who was sent to Oklahoma to hunt and destroy Sir John Michael.


That's just amazing. My favorite item is either the fork bandana or a belt that appears to be made of bear claws, shark teeth and/or the metacarpal bones he's collected from his victims. That's a nice touch.

I also love that he went to Whataburger before Kum and Go. That's how you really live it up in the Tulsa area. Can you imagine being drunk at a table and watching that guy come in an order Breakfast on a Bun? If he asked for an extra tub of their amazing ketchup, I'd suggest the employees just give him the whole damn box.

Also, why did exactly did he lock himself inside the bathroom of a Kum and Go? Did he take the name of the place too seriously? Or did he forget it's "Kum and Go" and not "Kum and Stay." We need answers.

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