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Oklahoma Daily used the wrong word to describe Missouri students…


In case you didn't know, there's an essay thing by the almighty David Boren in this week's issue of Time. Yes, that's right. Time. You should check it out the next time you go to the doctor.

In wake of the Missouri protests, the piece explains how OU responded to the racist SAE frat boys incident and what the University has done to address the issue of racism on campus. It's a thoughtful, honest piece, which makes me think David Boren probably had nothing to do with it! Zing!

Here's a snippet:

OU student newspaper apologizes for racially insensitive photo caption

The Oklahoma Daily, the University of Oklahoma's campus newspaper, issued an apology on Monday after a photo caption in last Thursday's paper identified a group of students at the University of Missouri as "colored."

The Daily called the incident an "egregious mistake," one that they deeply regret.

The Daily Editor In Chief, Joe Mussatto, a senior journalism student, said Monday afternoon the mistake came from an oversight in the paper's editing process for photos.

"It just slipped through," he said. "We knew it was a terrible mistake. We were swift to apologize."

Oops! That's not the Time editorial. It's an article from The Oklahoman about a student who accidentally used the word "colored" last week when captioning a photo from the Missouri protests. How does something like that "just slip through?" Did OU hire the SAE House Mom as a proofreader? Was the person responsible for the Insurance Commissioner Award behind this? We need answers!

Fortunately, the student behind the gaffe issued the following apology:

"I would like to sincerely apologize for my use of the phrase ‘colored students' in the caption on the photo attached to tonight's article concerning the blackout event hosted by Unheard and BSA. It was incorrect, disrespectful and reminiscent of a horrible time in America's history. I regret having written it and never intended to use the phrase at all."

So... If you never intended to use the phrase, then how did it happen? Freudian Slip? Were you playing a game of "What if grandpa was our caption writer?"

"Other photo captions used the phrase students of color or people of color, a group I proudly identify with. I apologize for the harm I have inflicted through my use of any derogative language. I understand the enormity of my mistake and hope that the Daily's audience will not choose to judge a respectable publication by the mistakes of an individual. It is my responsibility as visual desk editor to check each of the photo captions before it is published either online or in print. I did this with my own image and published without having another editor check my work. I did not do due diligence in this case and for that I apologize. I never intended to upset or offend any of our readers and hope you will accept my humble apologies."

Wait a second. You identify with people of color?! Why didn't you just say so! Sure, you probably don't want to use the word "colored" in other captions, but as long as you're not Rachel Dolezal, that apology should fine. Your career isn't ruined.

Anyway, we kind of got off base, but check out David Boren's write-up. We've been pretty critical of the OU President on this site over the past few years for his involvement in the great earthquake cover up, harboring artwork stolen by Nazis, the OU marching band debacle and his plan to increase taxes on the poor to fund teachers pay raises, but let's give the man credit. OU did a pretty good job handling the SAE thing. Under Boren's leadership, they took "quick, decisive action" and worked with the African-American community, student leaders and others to address racism on campus. Basically, they did exactly the opposite of what Missouri did. Good job, OU.

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