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Carol Hefner is no longer on Pinterest…

carol hefner3

Let's pour a little salad dressing out for our homie...

On Monday, we took a look at Carol Hefner's Pinterest account to see if she had any DIY decorating tips for Gay Conversion Therapy Chambers or a board filled with Obama Dictator quilts. She didn't. The most interesting thing we learned about was Carol's obsession with making the perfect homemade batch of Olive Garden salad dressing:

carol hefner olive garden dressing 2

I'm not going to lie. Thanks to Carol Hefner, I've thought about attempting to whip up my own little batch of dressing happiness. It's fun to make something at home that you can just as easily buy from a store or restaurant. Unfortunately, Carol took down her Pinterest account before I could get the recipe. That sucks. I guess I'll stick with trying to replicate Chili's famous skillet queso. Mmmn. Queso.

Anyway, I should probably point out that Carol took down her Pinterest less than a day after we wrote about it, but it took her three to four days to shut down her public Facebook account. I guess we know where her true priorities lie. She's more worried about the girls at the country club knowing she likes The Olive Garden than she is people of our country knowing she's an Islamaphobic nutjob.

I searched around and the only other social media page I could find for Carol was LinkedIn. Does that even count? Like anyone will hire her. It's pretty standard and boring. She lists her occupation as "CEO/Domestic Engineer at Hefner Family." Must be nice, huh? I was kind of hoping there would be an old MySpace, Xanga or Adult Friend Finder account out there, but she must have removed them already. Carol Hefner may be smarter than we thought.

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