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Christina Fallin sues janitorial firm for unpaid wages…

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I know the phrase "Sometimes you can't make this stuff up" is an overused cliché, but seriously, sometimes you can't make this stuff up.

It looks like Hipster Boo Boo can add "unemployed janitor" to the "Career" section of the Wikipedia page she created for herself. We learned this on Friday evening when The Oklahoman reported that Christina Fallin is suing a janitorial company because they allegedly didn't pay her for work she performed.

Via a hidden behind a paywall section of The

Christina Fallin, the daughter of Gov. Mary Fallin, has filed a federal lawsuit against a janitorial company she claims did not pay her for work she performed.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City alleges an Oklahoma County company called GT Clean hired her April 4, 2014, to perform various services, including business development. She was hired for $5,000 a month plus commissions, and her salary was raised to $6,000 per month at the start of this year, according to the lawsuit.

“GT Clean owes plaintiff past due salary in the amount of $42,000, plus past due commissions in the amount of $19,511,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit states that Ginger A. Sloan, who supervised Fallin, owes her $1,819 in commissions related to a separate medical transcription business called Encore and that Fallin is also owed $16,943 plus interest for loans she provided.

That's hysterical. Imagine working late one night and having Christina Fallin push a cleaning cart into your office and start dusting the shelves with a Native American headdress. You'd probably think you were dreaming or hallucinating on acid, which ironically enough, is probably how Christina Fallin feels most the time, too.

Actually, Christina was more than just your typical overpaid janitor who lives in a trailer and wears Chanel scarves. For somebody with no cleaning, sanitation or legitimate employment experience, she had a very robust job description:

Fallin had a range of duties for GT Clean, including “servicing clients, performing walk-throughs with clients and cleaners, drafting agreements, organize, host and attending civic, business and community events, consulting, human resources tasks such as hiring, firing and managing, coordinating schedule of cleaners, lead staff meetings, graphic design for web site and print media, social media, developing protocols for GT Clean and various clerical duties,” the lawsuit stated.

Yep, Christina Fallin had to "service clients." That probably explains why she made $5,000 a month. Zing! Also, I don't know too much about Christina's work ethic, but something tells me that "attending civic, business and community events" was the only part of her employement review where she exceeded expectations.

Because she's a "public figure," Christina tried to seal the lawsuit and keep it from becoming public record. She did this because, you know, Christina Fallin is a very private person who hates attention and publicity:

Fallin sought unsuccessfully to keep the litigation out of the public eye.

“Because plaintiff is a public figure, there is substantial likelihood that this action will draw attention from the media,” stated a motion to seal the complaint. “This action involves private matters which are of no concern to the public.

“Plaintiff contends that it is not only in her best interests, but also in the best interests of the defendants, to prevent the unnecessary publication of these private matters to the public.”

U.S. District Judge Tim Leonard denied the motion on Friday.

“Courts have long recognized a common law right of access to judicial records,” he wrote in his order. “Although this right is not absolute, there is a strong presumption in favor of public access.”

Fallin's attorney, Bryan King, characterized the lawsuit as “a benign dispute about money owed.”

“If it was anybody else it wouldn't be newsworthy,” he said.

Yeah, I guess Christina's lawyers didn't know that the only way to get a court case sealed in Oklahoma is to be a billionaire or country music star. As a result, expect Christina to marry Harold Hamm or Blake Shelton very soon.

If you ask me, Hipster Boo Boo's chances of winning the suit and recovering back wages are slim. First of all, the defendant could probably just pull up Christina's Instagram account and show the judge all her travel photos to prove she never really worked.

Secondly, remember this nugget?

The lawsuit states that Ginger A. Sloan, who supervised Fallin, owes her $1,819 in commissions related to a separate medical transcription business called Encore and that Fallin is also owed $16,943 plus interest for loans she provided.

Ginger Sloan is the person who partnered with Christina and her BF Johnny Try Too Hard to launch the Sloan International Art Gallery that was only open for a few months. According to Moles, Ginger is an attention seeking, wannabe socialite like Christina. We put her name into some legal databases and learned that Ginger filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on October 7th of this year. It will apparently be her third bankruptcy she's filed since 1996.

Anyway, we accessed the lawsuit and you can view it here. I guess that does it for this edition of the "Crazy, Coddled, Somewhat Unbelievable Life of Hipster Boo Boo." To go with another cliché, the truth really is stranger than fiction.

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