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The one where cowboys bring a mini-10 Commandments Monument to Mary Fallin…

mary fallin cowboys

It's been a while since we've had a photo caption contest, but that pic from just begs for it.

In case you missed it, a group of cosplay cowboys traveled 100 miles on horseback from a church in Texas to hand deliver a 10 Commandments tablet to Mary Fallin. Although the photo may make you think otherwise, the goal of the rough riders was not to shame and embarrass our Governor by presenting her with a tablet that commands people to not commit adultery. They were also not filming scenes for the new Billy Crystal movie "City Slickers 4: The Search for Mary's Brain."

Instead, the cowboys simply wanted to let Governor Fallin know they support her views on state-endorsed religion, and will do whatever's possible to keep this ridiculous, unconstitutional, pandering issue on the front page of newspapers in our state and around the country.


A Texas preacher handed Gov. Mary Fallin a foot-long Ten Commandments stone tablet Friday at the end of a 100-mile horseback ride.

Pastor John Riggs of the Texoma Cowboy Church decided on the journey after learning that a 6-foot granite version of the religious display was removed from the Capitol grounds under court order.

"It breaks our heart to see where our country is headed and to see the removal of the law of God from our land and from our buildings," he said after he and nine other men on horseback arrived shortly before 11 a.m.

"We're just standing up today to use the freedoms that we have to let everyone know that we are mighty in number. We are by the millions who believe the very thing that we are riding for, for our God and for this country."

Okay, you win, cowboys. This stupid 10 Commandments issue is so dumb I'm now willing to compromise just to make it go away. If you all want to deliver a brand new, typo-free, granite 10 Commandments in a covered wagon, I'm totally fine with it. We'll put it on our capitol steps for the world to see, and to show others what it's like to live in an American theocracy. The only catch is you all have to take Mary Fallin back with you. Seems like a fair trade, right?

Actually, the cowboys already did get to take a little bit of Mary back to Texas. Check out her gift to the cowboys:

Fallin gave him a signed photograph of herself for his church, which is near Wichita Falls.

"We appreciate you coming to our state and certainly standing up for Christian values and for the Ten Commandments, which is very important to our state, too."

"The people of Oklahoma appreciate your prayers, your support and the values that you stand for and that we stand for in the state of Oklahoma and how important the Ten Commandments are to our people."

Fallin and others then bowed their heads as Riggs delivered a prayer.

Riggs and the other men appeared tired and sweaty. They began their trip at the Red River on Tuesday, riding in bar ditches along the side of the road and sleeping on the ground at night.

Michael McNutt, a spokesman for Fallin, said she would keep the 12-inch, by 7-inch Ten Commandments tablet in her private office at the Capitol.

Wow, the whole trip took three days? That may seem like quite a journey, but it's still quicker and more efficient than the Heartland Flyer.

Anyway, wouldn't that suck? You spend three days traveling 100 miles on horseback to bring Mary Fallin a gift and all she does is give you an autographed picture. You think she could have been a little more hospitable and shown a true Oklahoma welcome by allowing the cowboys to wash up in Hipster Boo Boo's trailer before a nice supper.

Also, I hope the Cowboys know that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, they probably don't because that would require a basic understanding of science, but you get what I'm saying. After this little publicity stunt and charade, expect the Satanic Temple to ride into town on wild boars from Detroit and hand-deliver Mary Fallin a freshly severed goat's head. I'm sure Hipster Boo Boo would get a kick out of that. She'll probably get it taxidermied and hang it on her bedroom wall to impress Wayne Coyne.

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