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Berry Tramel stole a Landry Jones column from Jenni Carlson

There's something strange happening in the Oklahoma Sports Department.

Yesterday, former OU QB Landry Jones – a.k.a. Johnny Suckball – was inserted into the Steelers lineup to replace a struggling Michael Vick. Landry actually looked sharp, made some decent throws and helped the Steelers win the ballgame over the previously unbeaten Arizona Cardinals. It was a nice performance against strong competition, and just enough to get Pittsburgh fans excited before Landry comes crashing down back to earth against prepared NFL defense with his patented fumbles, pick sixes and laid eggs.

The successful day wasn't lost on Landry's biggest fan:

landry jones jenni carlson

Yep, Landry Jones is now a Lumbersexual. Time to change your look, Guys In The Plaza District. If you didn't know already, it's no longer cool.

When I saw the tweet, I immediately wondered how many one-sentence paragraphs Jenni would string together in a highly-anticipated "Ode to Lumberjack Landry" column. 25? 50?? 100??? As we've documented, there's nothing Jenni enjoys more than writing a nice column about Landry Jones and Whitney Hand-Jones(?). She loves writing about them about as much as a mother of children loves hand-feeding her son some fried chicken.

Sadly, it looks like we'll never know. Boomer Tramel swooped in and shared his own thoughts on the matter. Yes, Berry Tramel muscled the Landry Jones beat away from Jenni Carlson like an old mule plowing the field of a Dust Bowl farm. Yeah. Sorry. That was my attempt be all rustic and folksy like ole' Boomer Tramel. It needs work.

Here's a snippet from

Landry Jones waited. And waited. And waited. He hadn't quarterbacked a football game that mattered in 1,021 days. That Cotton Bowl against Johnny Manziel, which spotlighted everything that Jones was not.

Not dynamic. Not mobile. Not historic.

But not undependable, either. Sometimes dependable matters, too. Sometimes, perseverance pays off.

The desperate Pittsburgh Steelers finally turned to Jones on Sunday, and the tall drink of quarterback water made his NFL debut in spectacular fashion. Jones took over for the injured Michael Vick and led four straight scoring drives as the Steelers stunned the Arizona Cardinals 25-13 on the banks of Pittsburgh's North Shore.

“It has been a long road since those days in Oklahoma,” Jones, sporting a full beard and looking like a logger, told the Pittsburgh media at Heinz Field. “I'm just so thankful and just blessed to get in there and finally play the game again.”

I don't want to read too much into this or ignite a controversy that may not be there, but it's pretty damn obvious this is nothing but a passive aggressive cheap shot by Berry Tramel. Why else would he write about Landry Jones and not a list of nicknames for Baker Mayfield? It seems personal. Is he also tired of reading Jenni Carlson columns about Landry Jones? Was he throwing himself over a Carslon'ed grenade and doing us a favor? We may never know, but he deserves our thanks.

Instead of writing about Landry, Jenni covered this instead:

Funny, "a cautionary tale" is generally what I call every Jenni Carlson column. I tried clicking and it's no longer online. It's a dead link! I bet Boomer Tramel is behind it, too. How much do you bet Jenni's column started like this...

The football Gods are not kind to Kansas.

To make them happy, perhaps it's time for the Jayhawks to turn where God smiles. Landry Jones.

In case you missed, the former Sooner slinger is now a Steelers stalwart, leading Pitt to a victory over the Cardinals.

They say the football gods like a good coach. It makes you wonder if coaching the Jayhawks is in his future.

Okay, that was more Berry Tramelish than Carlson-esque. This is getting confusing. I should probably stop.

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