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Oklahoma was the topic of Drunk History…

spencer hicks lost ogle

Earlier this week, an Oklahoma-themed episode of Drunk History aired on TV. It's that Comedy Central show where people who claim to be comedians get drunk and blabber about historical events.

Although I'm a Level 2 alcoholic, I'm not a big fan of the show. I think 97% of all drunk people are annoying, and the only ones I want to see on TV are sorority sisters having a good time at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Plus, drunks are only funny when they're not trying to be funny. For example, a group of drunk people walking into Coyote Ugly in Bricktown thinking they're going to have a good time? Funny. Drunk comedians I've never heard of telling stories on TV? Not funny.

At the beginning of the episode, they interviewed some Oklahomans at bar in Tulsa. This included the Gazette's food writer, Greg Elwell, and TLO's own Spencer Hicks! I can't embed the clip on the site, but they both attempted to tell funny one-liners about the state. Here's what Greg had to say:

"What we really are is Texas' weird hat."

Hehe. That's funny... although I prefer when that joke targets Canada:

canada hat

Come on, Greg. You're better than that. You're able to write oh-so-clever shit about the oysters at the Drake while locked drunk inside your Gazette bunker, but when you get on camera you freeze up like a blogger on Whad'ya Know? I expected more.

Spencer, on the other hand, hit a home run. He followed Greg's line with...

"I heard we're Kansas with a boner."

Ding-Ding-Ding! We have a winner! The TLO domination of the Gazette continues. The next time The Gazette puts Spencer on the cover, they should have him wearing Greg Elwell as a hat.

Anyway, you can watch the entire episode here. Three C-list comedians got hammered and talked about Kentucky Daisy and the Oklahoma Land Run, Oklahoma astronaut Gordon Cooper, and African-American lawman Bass Reeves. The scenes were reenacted by the busty chick from Two Broke Girls, Tom Hanks's son and Urkel. I'd suggest you get drunk and watch it. Maybe then it will be funny.

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