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This is what happens when your husband pisses off law enforcement…

Summer Loveless

The women pictured above is Summer Loveless. If you have no clue who she is, that's fine. I had never heard of the woman either until News 9 plastered this story of her recent arrest on the front page of

Check it out:

The wife of an Oklahoma senator was arrested for a pair of moving violations and obstructing a police officer after a traffic incident on Sunday.

Summer Loveless, the wife of Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Dist.45, was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail just before 3 p.m. on Sunday.

According to a police report, the officer saw Loveless, 38, enter onto westbound I-44 in northwest Oklahoma City, speeding and closely following other vehicles. When the officer tried to pull her over, Loveless continued for more than a mile, before finally exiting onto N. May Ave. and pulling her vehicle over.

Police say that when the officer approached the vehicle, Loveless refused to roll her window down, and continued to talk and text on her phone. The report stated that Loveless even used hand motions to tell the officer to wait while she finished her phone conversation.

When the officer finally spoke with Loveless he learned that her license had been suspended.

Loveless was booked on complaints of Following Too Closely, Driving Under Suspension and Interfering with Official Process.

Okay, so she was charged with tailgating, driving with a suspended license, and being a dick to a cop. Basically, she was arrested for being an asshole. That's obviously not cool, but does it really deserve to make the front page of News It's not like she killed anyone, shit her pants or wrecked a semi full of bees. Her charges wouldn't even stand out in the police blotter.

"But Patrick! She's the wife of a State Senator!"

Yeah, I get it. Nobody likes to poke fun at idiot politicians and their stupid family members more than I do. She was probably in the middle of a difficult level on Candy Crush and didn't want to be bothered. But why is News 9 treating this story as breaking news? First of all, Senator Loveless wasn't involved in the altercation. Second, how did News 9 even figure out that Summer was Senator Loveless' wife?

I think we have the answer:

A state senator has upset law enforcement officers across the state by saying the state’s drug money forfeiture law needs to be changed to protect the innocent.

At issue is the law as written allows police — in some instances — to seize and keep cash found during traffic stops even when no drugs were discovered and no criminal charges were filed.

Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, calls the current law un-American and subject to abuse.

The senator May 6 introduced a bill to change the law. He calls it the “Personal Asset Protection Act.”

His plan is to push for the reform to be passed next year after a study of the issue between legislative sessions. His proposal would allow cash, cars, planes and other assets to be forfeited only after a conviction for a drug offense.

Oh yeah, Senator Loveless is the guy who wants to reform our Civil Forfeiture system! I totally forgot. No wonder word got out that his wife was arrested! I bet all the local sheriffs had to draw straws to see who would get to leak news of the arrest first. I wonder if the Oklahoma County Sheriff also confiscated her cash, jewelry, car and other assets she may have used to fund her tailgating syndicate? It wouldn't surprise me. If you're going to mess with law enforcement officials in this state, you better expect a fight... which is why I'd like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to law enforcement officials for their hard work and dedication. Civil asset forfeiture reform is for the birds! You all should be allowed to take and keep what you want. You deserve it. Cheers!

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