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Pigeon protector thinks Jim Inhofe is corrupt…

12:26 PM EDT on September 29, 2015

Jim Inhofe is still doing his best to help control the pigeon population.

Last year, the national animal rights group Shark released video of the annual Jim Inhofe Dove Hunt fundraiser. The video showed the event was less of a dove hunt and more of a sick needless slaughter of animals.

Here's the video:

A few weeks ago, Senator Senile once again held his 2015 "hunt" in Boondocks, Oklahoma. As we told you, SHARK attempted to record the carnage by flying a drone over the hunt. That seemed like a clever, novel idea, until someone shot it down.

SHARK tried to report the incident and destruction of their property to authorities, and of course received no response. Last week, they released the following video – SHARK Exposes Corrupt US Senator Jim Inhofe – that documented everything. The SHARK guys reaction is kind of over the top and funny.

Check it out:

First of all, Pigeon dude, we know Inhofe's corrupt. You're not opening our eyes to anything we don't already know.

Second, I know Jim Inhofe's blatant disregard for God's creations really pisses you off, but this isn't helping. It's making things worse. Jim Inhofe is basically a senile old man. He's only able to get a hard-on by watching Golden Girls reruns and making people mad. If you're going to call Inhofe out for killing pigeons, he's just going to kill more pigeons, which basically means you're killing the pigeons. Make sense?

If SHARK really wants to get Inhofe to stop shooting pigeons, they should protest to his corporate donors in the oil industry. Corporations hate controversy, and since they're the ones who Jim Inhofe ultimately serves, maybe they could do something about the dove hunt.

I'd start by stealing a page from the pro-life protester handbook and march around the Devon Tower with giant posters of dead pigeons. That will get some attention. If that doesn't work, simply mail the dead pigeons directly to:

Derek Albro, Director Public and Government Affairs

Devon Energy333 W Sheridan Ave,Oklahoma City, OK73102

Just kidding. Please don't send dead pigeons to Derek Albro. He collects them and you'd only be doing him a favor.

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