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2 Chainz sued by local bus-chasing attorney…

10:21 AM EDT on September 22, 2015

2chainz oklahoma attorney

This probably explains why 2 Chainz skipped on the Rawhide Music Festival in Stillwater a few weeks ago.

Wait. 2 Chainz skipped out on a music festival in Stillwater???

Yeah, that's my bad. In all honesty, I know nothing about modern hip hop, which is obvious just by using the term "modern hip hop." Hell, I thought Wiz Khalifa was PewDiePie until a couple of a weeks ago. I also know nothing about 2 Chainz. I remember his bus arrest along I-40 in the Meridian hotel district, but that's it. I can't name any of his songs, and if he walked by me at an airport I'd probably text all my friends that I just saw Whoopi Goldberg.

I wasn't always so out of touch. I think the last time I really listened to rap and hip hop, or at least spent regular time at bars in Midwest City, would be when 50-Cent was big in the early 2000s. There's a reason everyone in MDUB called me The Magic Stick, and trust me, it had nothing to do with my vintage collection of wooden wands. I don't know what you heard about me, but I was a mothefuckin' P.I.M.P.

Anyway, some local criminal defense attorney named Kent Bridge (pictured above without dreads) is suing 2 Chainz. Kent claims the rapper never paid him for life saving legal work during the rapper's arrest in Oklahoma City.


An Oklahoma City attorney is suing 2 Chainz, saying he was never paid for legal work that possibly saved the rapper's life in 2013.

Attorney Kent Bridge is seeking "in excess of $10,000" from the Atlanta-based artist, whose real name is Tauheed Epps.

"He did a good job, and he deserves to be paid," Bridge's attorney, Kevin Combs, said.Epps and 10 others on his tour bus were arrested in Oklahoma City on Aug. 22, 2013, after refusing police commands to get out for nine hours, police said...Bridge claims in the lawsuit that he negotiated Epps' peaceful surrender after being hired by the rapper over the phone.

He claims in the lawsuit that the on-scene police commanders had been contemplating a tactical entry and "it was clear that the situation was about to escalate to a point where there was a possibility of death or bodily harm to those on the bus."

An Oklahoma City police officer had pulled over the bus on Interstate 40 because of a defective tail light and then smelled an “overwhelming odor of marijuana” coming out of the bus door, according to court affidavits. Epps had performed Aug. 21, 2013, in concert at the Chesapeake Energy Arena...

Remember the good old days back when saving someone's life meant rescuing them from a fire, giving them the Heimlich or covering for a lie they told their wife? Now we have to count on hippy attorneys with long hair to keep us safe from overzealous police officers hell-bent on stopping hooligan rappers from smoking weed on a bus. Thank God the Oklahoma City Police Department kept their cool and didn't have any insurance executives posing as deputies to make the situation way worse.

Bridge sued Epps, 38, last month in Oklahoma County District Court.

He also claims in the lawsuit that he negotiated with prosecutor Scott Rowland at the scene about what charges would be filed. He claims it was decided a misdemeanor would be filed rather than "various potential felonies."

Rowland, the first assistant district attorney, said Friday that Bridge absolutely was involved in negotiating the surrender of those on the tour bus. The prosecutor disputed the rest of Bridge's claim, saying he would not have agreed on what charges would be filed before the bus was even searched.

Come on, Rowland. Do you think we're stupid? We've watched Law and Order with our grandparents. We know you all make deals with defense attorneys and agree to this shit before charges are filed or search warrants are issued.

Epps pleaded guilty in October 2014 to a misdemeanor, obstructing a police officer in the performance of his official duties. He paid a fine, a victims' compensation assessment and other costs totaling $771, records show.

Epps was represented at the Oklahoma County jail and in court by prominent Oklahoma City defense attorney Mack Martin

Martin on Friday said he would not comment on the lawsuit.

Epps has not been served yet with the copy of a lawsuit. He canceled his performance Sept. 12 at the Rawhide Festival in Stillwater. Representatives for Epps could not be reached Friday for comment. They did not immediately respond to an email request for comment.

Remember in the first paragraph where I wrote "This probably explains why 2 Chainz skipped on the Rawhide Music Festival in Stillwater a few weeks ago?" Well, there you have it. He didn't want to be served... or maybe he just didn't want to count on another bus chasing attorneys to save his life. It has to be one of the two.

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