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Joleen Chaney is doing okay…

3:00 PM EDT on August 24, 2015

Earlier today, I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed that Rush Springs Watermelon Queen Joleen Chaney has a new profile image.

Check it out:

joleen chaney

Wow. That's nice! She kind of pulled a Mean Dueweke and managed to get all dressed up and look like a totally different person. That being said, she's still hotter than a bottle of Fireball. Sir John Michael wouldn't be kicking that JoJo out of his school bus! He's going to have to step up his game and trim his pony tail and buy a new bear pelt if it wants to have a chance.

I guess JoJo got all dressed up for something called the Tour de Palate. It's a fundraiser for the Go Mitch Go Foundation. It's the medical research charity that inspired Emily Sutton to become a triathlete and pee on people.

Here's a pic of Joleen and Emily dancing on a stage or whatever:

emily jojo

Baby's R Us "Customer of the Decade" Bobbie Miller was also at the event. Here are a few pics:

emily jojo bobbie
joleen chaney bobbie miller

Wow. I bet they sold a bunch of raffle tickets to old bald perverts! It's too bad the grand prize was a package of four dancing lessons with Scott Hines alter-ego J'Ordy:


Heh, I bet Joe Dorman was disappointed when he won the raffle.

Anyway, it's been over six months since we've published a pictorial of JoJo, which is way too long. As a service to you, our TLO reader, I thought it would be fun to share some newer pics we've found on social media, because who doesn't want a little bit of JoJo?

jojo news 9a
joleen news 9
jojo bobbie
jojo hair
jojo emily
jojo with intern
jojo snow cone2
jojo snow cone
jojo screenshot
jojo overpass
jojo red dress

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