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Aaron Tuttle will not like the “Best of OKC” results…

It's time to celebrate and get drunk!

For like the third or fourth year in a row now, we have been named "Best Website or Blog" in the Gazette's annual "Best of OKC" competition. Don't believe me? Here's the proof:

best local website or blog

That's cool. At first I felt a bit of guilty about beating Royce with again, but then I remembered that he has front court seats to every Thunder game and plays Halo with Kevin Durant on X-Box Live. He'll be fine.

With that being said, wasn't that write-up kind of uninspired? I wouldn't say we're The Gazette's competition or anything (We dabble in satire, pseudojournalism and occasional humor. They spend time reviewing community theatre and letting your parents know where to grab dinner.), but we do have a little bit of overlap in our coverage. Is this awkward? Do we need to hug? Maybe next year we'll encourage everyone to vote for Oxford Karma. I'd love to see how they handle that one.

Anyway, being named "The Best Local Website or Blog" in Oklahoma City is cool, but what would be really awesome is if we beat Aaron Tuttle. If you remember correctly, we were up against AT, KD, RW and Slackmeyer for "Best Person to Follow on Social Media." And when Aaron took to Facebook to encourage his 100,000 followers to vote for him, he intentionally cropped us out of his promotional Facebook posts. He did this because, according to his own internal rules and guidelines, we were ineligible:

aaron tuttle 2
aaron tuttle

Yep, he left us out because we're technically not a "person." Uhm, couldn't you say the same thing about him? As Obi-Wan would say:

Anyway, let's check out the results. I doubt we beat KD, but hopefully we got more votes than a diabolical Facebook weatherman:

best of okc tlo

Oh my God! Screw Aaron Tuttle for a second. We defeated Kevin Durant! He's the real MVP. Now I bet Royce is really pissed off. Obviously, those massage parlour ads we bought in the Gazette worked!

Although winning this award is nice, I kind of agree with Aaron Tuttle. I don't think we deserve this award. Although our social media accounts are run by one person who occasionally gets loaded and whines and complains during OU football games, this should go to a person. Since that's the case, we would like to give our "Best Person To Follow on Social Media" award to Aaron Tuttle." It obviously means more to him than us.

Anyway, I guess I should probably thank everyone who voted for us. We appreciate it. Also, thanks for keeping us grounded and not letting this get to our head:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 2.55.10 PM

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