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Bette Midler likes her some Oklahoma…

bette midler oklahoma

Every now and then, I'll find something interesting on the Oklahoma Reddit. The key phrase is "every now and then." The Oklahoma Reddit is kind of like the CD bargain bin of the Oklahoma internet. There's lots of trash, but sometimes you'll find something worthwhile.

Actually, I think I just described my own website. Ooops.

Anyway, last night I was on OK Reddit sifting through pics of morel mushrooms, lost dogs and questions from people asking where is the best place in OKC to masturbate while alone and wishing you had friends, and stumbled across this little gem. It's an old video of Bette Midler singing our state song. If you need a WTF moment to get you started this Monday morning, check it out:

That's from a 1970s made for TV special called "Old Red Hair Is Back," which oddly enough, is the same thing folks say to James Lankford when he returns to the Falls Creek Church Camp sauna!

Anyway, I can't explain why Bette Midler was jumping out of clam singing "Oklahoma!" on a beach along a peaceful island somewhere in the South Pacific, but that was kind of cool! Now I see why old people and stereotypical gay men are such a fans of The Divine Miss M! That gal can sing and dance. What a treat. She's such an entertainer.

Seriously, though, what's up with the tropical setting? Is this what people thought Oklahoma was like in the 1970s? If so, we should embrace it to boost our tourist dollars. Someone should show it to Mary Fallin. Maybe she'll actually want to stay in the state for her next vacation.

(Editor's Note: So, after I wrote all this shit and got it ready to post, I realized the video won't play on this site. Mr. Boren, you'll need to go to YouTube to watch this video. Many apologies.)

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