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Mary Fallin has finally figured out what’s causing Oklahoma’s earthquakes…

mary fallin earthquake

Maybe getting that trailer off the lawn did something to Governor Mary Fallin.

Yesterday, she and The Oklahoma High Council of Earthquake Elders announced there is, get this, a direct correlation between Oklahoma's earthquake epidemic and wastewater disposal wells. Yes, it's true. Shocking. No lie. Wastewater injection wells are causing earthquakes. That's insane! Who would have thought that? I assumed the general consensus was earthquakes were being caused by the fluctuating water levels at Lake Arcadia. Can someone please explain what's going on?


Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday acknowledged a link between Oklahoma's earthquake swarm and wastewater disposal wells used by the energy industry.

"We all know now there is a direct correlation between the increase in earthquakes we've seen in Oklahoma and the disposal wells, based upon many different factors, whether it is volume or location or whether it is on a fault line, how deep that disposal well goes into the earth itself," Fallin said Tuesday.

Even though Mary Fallin looks sleepy in the pic above, I'm glad she and our state leaders are finally waking up and addressing this issue. That being said, doesn't this feel a bit like getting a Christmas present in March? I appreciate the thought, but you're a little late! Why wasn't this committee formed after the first big batch of earthquakes in 2011? You're seriously telling me all these brilliant oil company geologists who are so great at extracting resources from deep beneath the surface of the Earth didn't have any clue that wastewater injection wells may possibly cause earthquakes? They had to know there was a correlation!

But... that's in the past. Now that our Governor has acknowledged Oklahoma earthquakes are caused by the energy industry, what prompt, swift, and immediate action will be taken to try and prevent future quakes?

"Oklahoma recognizes there is an earthquake problem in our state. We're trying to actively deal with it, come up with solutions and make sure they are based on scientific fact. That helps develop a response plan to address this problem and ensure that homeowners and business owners and agencies are all working together."

Fallin and her Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity said Tuesday they have made progress toward understanding and reducing earthquakes in the state, but that more time and effort are needed.

Trying to actively deal with it? More time is needed to understand and reduce the earthquakes??? Mary and her cronies have known the energy industry is behind these quakes since at least 2011. It's why they requested earthquake "talking points" from Devon Energy instead of going to the Oklahoma Geological Survey. Remember them?

devon energy earthquake talking points 2

This is insulting. Nearly four years after that email was sent, Mary's acting like this is all suddenly a big revelation and surprise. Does she think Oklahomans are idiots? Considering she was easily reelected Governor, probably so, but not all of us are that stupid. We know she's stalling, protecting her friends in the oil industry, and probably waiting for some new talking points.

Since that's the case, I once again emailed our friend Derek Albro for some help:

derek albro

As of press time, I still haven't heard anything from Mr. Albro. I'll let you know when he replies. I'm sure he will. Remember, Devon Energy cares about Oklahomans.

In the meantime, I guess we'll sit around and wait for Mary and her cronies to come up with solutions that are "based on scientific fact." Considering Mary has asked people to pray for rain, denies global warming, doesn't believe in evolution, and probably thinks the earth is 6,000 year old, I can't wait to see what they come up with. Let's just hope it follows code.

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