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This guy is protective of his Porta-Potty…

Ronald Cordell

As if you needed another reason to avoid using a port-a-pottie.

Ronald Cordell, which is apparently the pseudonym Louis C.K. uses when he goes undercover to find the hot Oklahoma City women he had a one night stand with in 1989, was recently arrested for beating a fellow homeless man in the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat.

Apparently, he was defending his Porta-Potty in a KFC parking lot at 122nd and Penn.

From KOKH Channel 25:

Police say a man was beaten with a baseball bat after attempting to enter a porta-potty Thursday in northwest Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Police Department records at approximately 11:50 p.m. Thursday an officer was called to 12330 N. Pennsylvania in reference to an assault.

When the officer arrived he spoke with three witnesses, who told him a man had attempted to enter a port-a-potty, that is in the parking lot near a KFC, when 46-year-old Ronald Cordell came out of the porta-potty with a baseball bat.

The witnesses say Cordell began striking the victim and hit him approximately 20 times with the bat all over his body. The witnesses also told police Cordell is very aggressive and "acts like he owns the porta-potty and a nearby dumpster". Police say all of the involved parties are transients and live in the area around NW 122 and Pennsylvania Avenue.

First of all, I hope the guy who was assaulted is okay, and that Ronald Cordell stays in jail at least until it's time to film the next season of Louis. Even though the Oklahoma City episode was a dud, it's still a good show.

That being said, is there a particular reason the KFC at 122nd and Penn has a port-a-potty in the parking lot? Is it reserved for the poor souls who ordered a Double Down? Or is it the bathroom employees use when they don't want to be reminded to wash their hands. Please advise.

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