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Some guys attacked a car full of annoying Del City teenagers…

10:34 AM EDT on July 6, 2015

del city teens

How was your 4th? It was probably better than the Del City teenagers in the pic above. They were nursing injuries after being jumped for being annoying teenagers.


Oklahoma City police are searching for two men who allegedly assaulted a group of teenagers who were sitting in their car at a metro stoplight...

Mason Winters, Marquise Williams, Johnathan Baker and a fourth friend were in Winter’s car with the windows down, jamming to music when two men walked up on both sides of the vehicle.

Winters was punched first.

“He was like ‘hey little homie,’ and I turned and he hits me, right here in my eye and broke my nose,” said Winters.

The second man came to the passenger side and hit Williams so hard, it knocked out one of his teeth.

“I felt my tooth come out, and then I saw the blood and then that’s when we drove off,” said Williams.

“They were just shouting and throwing punches and I was just like so confused, I was in total shock.  My adrenaline was going,” said Baker, who was sitting in the back seat.

The four friends say the men were apparently in the vehicle behind them and might’ve mistaken their dancing for a different gesture...

Yeah, they were just "innocently dancing" in the car. Nothing else was going at all. They didn't provoke anyone in any way. In other news, the drugs in the shoebox belong to a friend, they don't know who put water in the vodka bottle, and the teacher said it was okay to leave school early.

Seriously, as a man who spent a solid five years of my life being an annoying teenage boy who deserved to be punched, you can't believe anything these kids say. Teenage boys specialize in lying. Outside of eating junk food and masturbation, it's the only thing they're good at.

Anyway, just to remind us how unsympathetic teenage boys can be, KFOR had the brosephs pile into a compact car and reenact their crazy dance for the cameras. It's at the 1:15 mark:

Admit it, after watching that video you kind of want to punch the kids, too!

Okay... Okay... I'm just clownin' around like a bunch of teenagers dancing in a car at a red light. It's never okay to assault anyone, much less a minor. Those kids could have been seriously hurt! I hope they find the attackers and they get the punishment they deserve... and a few high fives for taking one for the team.

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