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KFOR apparently found Jesus on a closet door in Pottawatomie County..

3:34 PM EDT on July 1, 2015

jesus door pottawattamie county

When you look at image above, what do you see? An ugly brown door? A disorganized shelf? Painful memories from childhood?

Well, according to Ali Meyer with the KFOR, you're actually looking at Jesus Christ:

Earlier this week, a woman from Mexico made international news when she inadvertently burned the image of Jesus Christ in a tortilla.After that story aired, an Oklahoma man called KFOR-TV with a similar story; an image he’s kept to himself for eight years.Bud Claxton’s house was built in the 1970s. The original closet doors are still up in the master bedroom.About eight years ago, Bud Claxton and his wife were in an argument when he looked up at his closet door and saw the image of Jesus Christ.“It’s definitely strange. I gotta admit,” said Claxton. “I opened my eyes and my eyes were focused right on him. I jumped out of the recliner, and I told my wife, ‘This looks like Jesus!'”

That's hysterical. Let's give Bud credit for finding a new way to get out of a Honey Do list:

"When are you going to put up the new doors! I feel like I live in the home of a serial killer!"

"Okay, okay, I'll get to it tomorrow. But Wait! Look! Jesus!"

Seriously, kudos to this guy. The next time one of my girlfriends tells me to do the dishes I'm going to say "Hey, look, is that Ira Glass in the mashed potatoes?"

See, that's funny because one of my girlfriends really likes Ira Glass. Her name is Beverley.

Anyway, in case you're normal like me, there's a good chance you don't see anything in the door other than cheap fake wood paneling from the 1970s, much less the son of God. To see Jesus, you actually have to look at the door from a certain angle, because as we all know, Jesus is very cryptic and shy and always likes to make things difficult.

Here's a clearer picture:

jesus door oklahoma

Okay, I guess I see something, but I'm not sure if it's God. KFOR played with lighting to make it more pronounced:

jesus door

Hahaha. Seriously? Is this a legitimate news story or a Daily Show style spoof? When did Jesus go from dying for the sins of humanity to fronting a goth metal band? If you ask me, the person in the door looks more like Donkey Kong badass Billy Mitchell than the son of God.

billy mitchell

It could also be Oklahoman reporter Graham Lee Brewer:

Graham Lee Brewer_400x400

Because they care more about ratings than actual reporting, KFOR doesn't mention anywhere in the story that the image of "Jesus" is the result of psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. It's what causes people to see animals in the clouds, faces in the dots on a ceiling, or dongs on a doppler radar. It's pretty common. Just take a look at this section of the door:


I'll zoom in...

door 2

I can see the face of what appears to be a sad hippo or Marmaduke looking off the left. I also clearly see wan 18th century Japanese warrior with a Fu Manchu mustache wearing a fancy metal helmet looking to the right. Of course, that's just my mind playing tricks on me. What I'm really seeing is an ugly brown door that this guy should have replaced when he got into an argument with his wife 8-years ago.

Anyway, if you're down for a good laugh, you can watch the entire video at KFOR. It's kind of funny to see someone take something so absurd so seriously. In the meantime, I'm going to gaze into the dots on my ceiling and have a conversation with Emily Sutton and JoJo. They're always watching me.

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