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National Enquirer sues Norman woman for lying about Miley Cyrus Drug Den photo….

miley cyrus drug den

Here's something enquiring minds may want to know about.

We have learned through the Ogle Mole Network that National Enquirer is suing an Oklahoma woman for breach of contract and fraud after she sold the tabloid the rights to a pic "Inside Miley Cyrus' Drug Den" for $20,000.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Cleveland County District Court on June 17, alleges that Amanda Davis of Norman knowingly lied under contract and claimed ownership of the photo, when in fact, the copyright holder was Wayne Coyne's nephew, Dennis Coyne.

In case you're under the age of 60 and don't read the Enquirer, here's the photo in question:

miley cyrus aarontuttle

Sorry about that. I don't want National Enquirer's copyright attorneys who specialize in copyright law to email me, so I added Aaron Tuttle's pic to the bottom right corner of the photo to make it "art."

You can download the entire lawsuit here. Based on the petition and evidence provided, it seems pretty cut and dry.

In late December of 2014, Davis apparently hit up National Enquirer claiming to have a photograph from "Inside Miley Cyrus' drug den," which in all honesty, looks like a fun place to party.

National Enquirer offered Davis $20,000 for the photo. She took them up on the offer and signed a contract claiming to own “all right, title and interest" in the photo.

The pic was then published in the December 30th, 2014 issue of the paper and immediately hit the celebrity gossip blog scene. Not too long after, Dennis Coyne contacted the paper claiming he was the owner of the pic and threatened a lawsuit. As a result, National Enquirer wants Amanda to return their $20,000, pay legal fees and fork over change for other damages deemed appropriate by the court.

I have to admit, the case for the Enquirer looks pretty solid.

I've learned through the Ogle Mole Network that the photo was taken by Dennis Coyne. He's Wayne Coyne's nephew, the lead singer of Star Death and White Dwarves, and an aspiring producer. He apparently took the photo while working with Miley on some music. He sent the pic to a few friends, and those few friends then sent the pic to a few friends, and those few friends sent it to a few friends, and then BAM!... a look inside Miley Cyrus' drug den appears on the front of National Enquirer.

The pic caused quite a bit of controversy in the gummy fetus that is the Flaming Lips / Miley Cyrus circle jerk. All of Wayne's minions accused Dennis of selling the photo to the tabloid, an accusation Dennis vehemently denied. In fact, things got so crazy that one of Wayne Coyne's male groupies allegedly sucker punched Dennis at a party. Fortunately for Dennis, the guy hit like pink robot.

Anyway, I have no clue who this Amanda Davis person is, but I hope she has $20,000 lying around. Otherwise, she may be in big trouble. If you have any details about her, send us an email. In the meantime, stay with, we'll keep you advised.

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