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Olivia Munn has good fighting skills…

1:24 PM EDT on June 29, 2015

olive munn costume 4

Ever since Olivia Munn started parading around nerd conventions in 2007 dressed as Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi, her career has skyrocketed. She went from being a no one who co-hosted an obscure cable talk show to appearing on bro magazine covers, starring in failed sitcoms and dating NFL quarterbacks. Now she's about a hit movie or two from being a Hollywood A-lister.

Knowing that she owes her career to perverted nerds who like comic books and video games, it's not a big surprise that Olivia Munn Instagrammed this video on Sunday afternoon. It's of her and Aaron Rodgers practicing their sword fighting skills...

According to every sports, celebrity gossip and BuzzFeed-style site out there, Olivia was apparently rehearsing for some scene in an another X-Men movie, which begs the question, "How many of these damn X Men movies are they going to make?" Haven't there been like 20 of them already? Who wants to watch a guy with a short temper and long beard kill bad guys again? I'd rather view a 30 for 3o documentary about the "Discount Double Check" than another boring CGI movie about mutants.

Just like with bad movie franchises, sometimes I don't understand the Internet. Some pretty actress and my fantasy football quarterback practice fake sword fighting and everyone loves it and can't get enough, but if some 12-year-old Canadian kid does the same thing, we all make fun of him...

Sorry. I've been waiting for eight goddamn years to post that video on this site, and this seems like my best opportunity. If Olivia were cool, she'd track down the Star Wars Kid, get the Make a Wish Foundation involved, and let him spar with them. Hopefully she'd wear that Princess Leia bikini. That thing is hot.

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