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Washington Post blogger suggests we add an exclamation point to our flag!!!

With the talk of the Confederate Flag dominating national news discussion, the Washington Post came up with a light-hearted look at things that are wrong with the flag of each state! Here's what the paper's snark blogger Alexandra Petri had to say about Oklahoma!

oklahoma flag

Yes, we get it! Oklahoma should put an exclamation point on our flag because of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! Hysterical! Maybe we should also replace the shield with a man and a honey lamb watching hawks make lazy circles in the sky! Or better yet, have them doing it while building a meth lab! Who wouldn't love that flag?!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, the Washington Post wasn't being serious! They suggested the change in a funny, ludicrous, satirical type of way! Unfortunately in Oklahoma, things that should remain funny and ludicrous sometimes become law! That's nearly what happened with the exclamation point in 2009 when Oklahoma State Rep and US Congressional candidate Shane Jett tried to get the punctuation mark added to the Oklahoma flag.

From the vault...

Rep. Shane Jett said one exclamation point has gotten him more attention than the rest of his work during his four years as a legislator combined.

"People ask me if there aren’t more important things for me to work on,” the Tecumseh Republican said Thursday. "I am. They’re just not paying any attention to them.”

Jett, as chairman of the House International Relations and Tourism Committee, introduced a bill this legislative session to italicize the word "OKLAHOMA” on the state flag and put an exclamation point at the end.

The bill also would create an official state abbreviation: OK!

"I was just looking for a way to improve our image ... and get some good, solid publicity,” Jett said.

Yep, nothing will improve our state's image like embracing our country bumpkin culture and admitting we're simply okay! What family corporation wouldn't want to move to a state that's OK?!!!!!!!

Naturally, everyone shot down Jett's ludicrous idea! It wasn't the first time it happened! Jett is the same guy who once proposed we build an 1,100-foot tall steel-ensconced oil derrick over the Oklahoma river!!!

Hopefully the Washington Post article doesn't give Jett ideas and bring back the exclamation point discussion!  If we add anything to it, I would suggest an ellipsis! I think it accurately summarizes how most people feel when the think about our state and exclamation points...

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