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Oklahoma police are finally cracking down on the marijuana pipe trade…

11:07 AM EDT on June 16, 2015

glass pipes

Back in April, The Pew Research Center released a long, exhaustive study showing how society's views on marijuana have changed over the years. According to the report, 53% of all Americans now believe the drug should be legalized, 69% believe it's less harmful than alcohol, and 82% would not be bothered if people lit up in the privacy of their own home.

Surprisingly, Oklahomans also share progressive views on the green leafy substance. According to a 2013 Sooner Poll, which let's be honest, is probably about as reliable as a pot smoker, 71% of Oklahomans are in favor of medical weed, while 57% support legalization.

Knowing all that, you would think our local law enforcement officials would take a cue from the people they work for and not aggressively enforce our state's archaic, antiquated, out-of-touch drug laws.

HAHAHAHAHA. Wrong. As this article in The Oklahoman shows, our police still get a kick out of fighting an unwinnable war.


Gone are the glass pipes that previously lined shelves inside The Friendly Market — and with the pipes, the source of 90 percent of the Norman retailer’s revenue.

Owner Alyse Cox last month removed all the glass pipes out of fear the Norman Police Department would come after her next.

Similar businesses in the metro area recently have been targeted by law enforcement in undercover operations and search warrants used to confiscate thousands of pipes and other merchandise. One store owner is facing criminal charges in two counties in connection with the raids

State law lists a litany of items that can be considered drug paraphernalia, including metal, wooden, glass or plastic pipes; water pipes; miniature spoons; carburetion tubes and masks.

Even something like a copper scouring pad can be considered drug paraphernalia depending on the context, explained Mark Woodward, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control.

According to state law, an item can be classified as drug paraphernalia if it contains drug residue, is found in close proximity to drugs or if a conversation about the item references drugs.

“In a very cavalier type of way, they are advertising the sale of what they think are legitimate products because they don’t actually contain marijuana, but they are selling them with full knowledge that they are going to take these products and use them to ingest marijuana. That’s where it crosses into a criminal of‌fense,” said Travis White, an attorney for the bureau.

Yeah, this may be the dumbest thing ever.

First of all, what's the point? Shutting down a mom and pop glass pipe shop will get stoners to stop smoking weed about as well as banning sporks will get stoners to stop ordering Mexican pizzas at Taco Bell. Second, have the law enforcement crazies not heard about Amazon? You can buy a glass pipe from there and not have to pay taxes. Plus, Amazon Prime members get free shipping. It's convenient and you get your glassware without smelling like incense for a week.

Also, doesn't this stunt totally reek of selective law enforcement? How can you confiscate a smoke shop's bongs, glass, and pipe cleaners, but still allow Walgreens to sell Swisher Sweets, QuickE Mart to sell Zig Zags and Walmart to sell sticks of butter and brownie mix? Hell, when I was in college I once smoked pot out of an apple and a banana. Does that mean the OSBI should lead a raid and confiscate all the produce from all metro area Sprouts locations? Actually, that would be kind of funny. They should do it.

(Editor's Note: Do I have to worry about being arrested and sent to jail because I used our referral account to link to Amazon glass marijuana pipes? Just wondering?)

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