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Here’s some cool Mary Fallin street graffiti…

It looks like we have a OKC Banksy in our midst...

Earlier this week, I was alerted to this fine piece of Mary Fallin street art located on a dumpster in The Paseo. I'm not sure how long it's been there or who made it, but I approve 100%:

let them drink oil fallin 2
let them drink oil mary fallin

Yeah, that's pretty cool. It's also deep. For those who stopped by to read about Street Outlaws this afternoon, let me try to explain...

You see, the phrase "Let them drink oil" is a play on the infamous line "Let them eat cake!" that's often misattributed to Marie Antoinette, another out-of-touch, unpopular, wealthy, aristocratic ruler. By positioning the quote over Mary's eyes and having oil ooze from her mouth, the artist is implying our governor is controlled by the oil industry and blind to real problems faced by real people, which is why wants them to drink oil. Or maybe the message is Mary Fallin prefers EVOO over creamy Irish butter. Who knows? It's been awhile since I've had to write an English paper.

Anyway, this wasn't the only street graffiti to make the rounds. I wonder if the same artist is responsible for this work found in Edgemere Park:

street art okc

Okay, that's probably not from the same street artist. This looks more like the work of Mr. Brainwash. If the Mary Fallin artist was going to paint something like this, he or she probably would have drawn Mary Fallin riding on the rocket to the right with a highway patrolman, which would symbolize her commitment to the Oklahoma aerospace industry.

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