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These Oklahoma lawmakers got into a fight at The Barrel…

Leewright kirby

Over the weekend, we received word through the Ogle Mole Network that a pair of Republican state Reps – Dan Kirby and James Leewright – got into a run-of-the-mill bar fight last week at The Barrel on N. Western. No arrests were made or charges filed.

The altercation "allegedly" occurred the night of Tuesday, May 7th, during a "Sine Die" party hosted by prominent lobbyist Gary Huddleston. It's an annual boozefest where lawmakers, lobbyists and other politicos gather to celebrate the end of the legislative session, and how they're screwing over everyday Oklahomans for the sake of the religious right, energy industry, and other corporate interests.

I spoke with one Ogle Mole who witnessed the fight. The Mole claims Rep. Leewright, a freshman state rep from the Tulsa area, was standing with a group of girls outside the restrooms, chumming it up like some big shot. At the same time, Rep. Dan Kirby walked out of the men's room. Apparently something happened and / or words were said, and before you know it, a little squabble broke out.

Here's how a Mole described it:

"Leewright pushed Kirby, and then Kirby punched Leewright. There were some smaller females in-between them. The men were swinging over them. The whole thing was pathetic. People were laughing it was so bad."

Wow. That sounds worse than the Mayweather / Pacquiao fight. I didn't know that was possible.

Like most bar fights between two middle-aged white guys who probably wear pleated khakis, the fight was broken up quickly and involved more grunting and sweating than actual punching.

There's no definite word on what caused the fight. One rumor swirling around the Capitol is it had something to do with a female legislative staffer / secretary they both admire. Yeah right. I could see these guys fighting over an accountant, church parking spot, or who gets to be the State Farm Agent, but a woman? Give me a break. Like any self-respecting lady worth fighting over would go for those tools.

Following the ruckus, the guys apparently played some Sega hockey and made up. They were even acting all buddy-buddy the following day on the House floor. Maybe they realized they were Eskimo Brothers and share a special bond.

For fun, I decided to play pretend journalist and I sent each guy an email asking for comment.

email 2

Oops. I accidentally referred to The Barrel as Cafe Nova. That's what happens when you work while inebriated. You can't really blame me for the mental lapse. The Deep Fork Group switched Cafe Nova over to the The Barrel a year or two ago. It's essentially a wood-infused country-version of its stainless steel predecessor. If that sounds awful, guess what? It is. The Barrel is where all the single 20-somethings in N. OKC hangout before they're banished to Red Rock Grill. It's a sad place.

Getting douche bag hangouts mixed up wasn't even my biggest error. Check out the email I sent to Kirby:


Yeah, I sent Dan Kirby an email asking if he got into a fight with Dan Kirby at Cafe Nova. Is is Memorial Day yet? I could use a break.

Neither guy responded to my email, which isn't surprising. According to some Moles, Kirby denies the whole thing. He's even telling people he wasn't even at the party. I don't blame him. I wouldn't want people to know I was at the Barrel, either.

Anyway, if you know anything else about the fight, have any video or pics, or you're the girl they were fighting over, send us an email. We've love to hear from you.

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