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State Sen. Bryce Marlatt had what you would call a wrong vote…

Bryce Marlatt mugshot

The last time we talked about State Senator Bryce Marlatt was following his arrest in Woodward for consuming a what you would call a bourbon and Coke (or four), and then falling asleep in his car at an intersection.

Well, it looks like his hometown isn't the only place where Marlatt enjoys a tasty adult beverage. Yesterday, during a vote to fund some pop culture museum in Tulsa, the Republican lawmaker "accidentally" pushed the wrong button and defeated the proposal by one vote.

Via The AP:

A $25 million bond proposal for a planned popular culture museum in Tulsa fell one vote short of passage after a state senator said he mistakenly pressed the wrong button on his desk.

Republican Sen. Bryce Marlatt of Woodward says he was attempting to summon a legislative page Monday but mistakenly voted "no" just as the gavel fell on the vote for the bond issue.

The author of the bill, Republican Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman of Sapulpa used a procedural motion that will allow him to reconsider the vote on Tuesday. Marlatt says he intends to vote to yes.

The proposal is a divisive one for many members of the Republican caucus who oppose further bond debt.

Let me get this straight. It's taken years of political finagling, fighting, debate and a minor act of God to secure additional state funding for the unfinished American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, a Smithsonian-caliber facility that will celebrate our state's Native American history, people and culture, but the only thing preventing our state from investing $25-million towards an Oklahoma Pop Culture Museum that will glorify Garth Brooks and Hanson is an idiotic State Senator who accidentally pushed the wrong button? Sorry Native Americans. It looks like our government still gets some joy in screwing you over. I don't blame you for requiring antes for table games at your casinos.

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