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Politics is for sale…

rico smith mary fallin

Last night, I received a tip via the Ogle Mole Network claiming the domain is available on Ebay. The tip may have come from Rico Smith, the man behind the site and the same person who infamously snapped a photo with our Governor while wear a "Mary Failin'" t-shirt during the 2014 gubernatorial campaign.

With the quest to dethrone Mary now done and the his inventory of Mary Failin' t-shirts depleted, I guess Rico doesn't need the site anymore, and he's wants to sell it to you for $5,000.


Here's the screen shot:

rico smith

Listen, Rico's a good dude. Outside of Uncle Rico, he's my favorite Rico of all time and will remain that way until he learns to throw a football over them mountains.

That being said, $5,000? Sorry Rico, but that's going to be a harder sell than a 24-piece set. You can even include a model pirate ship and nobody would want it. For one, who's going to pay that much money for an .ORG domain? .ORGs are boring. Two, why fork over big change for when the domain is still not registered?

Instead of putting the site on Ebay, Rico should have just emailed Mary Fallin. I bet she'd get an oil donor to buy the site for her and then use the domain as a place to list all of her accomplishments while in office. You know, big important things like a jump in earthquakes, botched executions and tax cuts for the rich.

Anyway, we wish Rico the best of luck trying to sell the site and in his future endeavors. I hope he lets us know when or Todd become available.

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