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We missed a chance to get a year’s supply of Taco Bueno Muchacos…

11:27 AM EDT on April 29, 2015


I have a love / hate relationship with Taco Bueno. Actually, I should probably replace "relationship" with "addiction" because that's what it is.

It started when I was 16 and ordered my first Muchaco from the location on Rockwell and Expressway.  As of last night, the addiction has continued into adulthood and is still going strong. I just love Muchacos, chicken nacho salads, burritos that party, mexi dips (and chips), something called a chicken potato burrito, and the salsa. Yeah, that fucking salsa. It's so good that I've been known to occasionally lick the inside of those little plastic soufflé cups after finishing my meal. Pathetic? Yes. Justifiable? Probably. As sad as downing a packet of Taco Bell Fire Sauce? No.

But as I mentioned, there is a hate element to this love affair.

I'm not a fan of indigestion, heartburn, meat sweats, and other gross things. Being fat kind of sucks. And the guilt and shame associated with eating a month's supply of calories and saturated fats in one setting can be a bit difficult to handle, which is why you should probably only eat Taco Bueno when you're drunk, high or tripping on bath salts.

But as with any love / hate relationship, love usually wins out, which is why I'm sad to say that I missed my chance to get a year's supply of Taco Bueno.


More than 50 people camped out in the rain Monday night in hopes of winning a year’s worth of free Mexican food from a new Taco Bueno restaurant that opened Tuesday morning.

The Taco Bueno at 2004 S Service Road promised to give a dated punch card for 52 weeks of complimentary combo meals to the first 50 customers in line at 10 a.m. Tuesday, said Melissa Powers, spokeswoman for the Farmers Branch, Texas-based restaurant chain.

“The first people showed up at 3 p.m. Monday, and by 10 p.m. or 10:30 p.m., we had a real crowd,” Powers said. “By midnight, we already had 45 or 50 people in line.”

A total of 80 people lined up, and the restaurant distributed cards to 60, Powers said.

“We always carry 10 extra, because we know there may be complaints about cutting in line,” Powers said.

But not all of the remaining 20 in the queue lost out. Their names went into a drawing, Powers said, and 10 winners drawn will be mailed cards from the corporate office outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The cards are valued at $550.

Oh, so you had to drive to Moore and stand around in the rain all day? Heh, no thank you. I love Taco Bueno, but not that much. The only way you can get me to drive to Moore in the rain is if Emily Sutton is doing cartwheels under a rainbow on 12th Street.

That being said, the Taco Bueno executives should throw us a bone and send one of those cards to us. Not only am I one of their all time best customers, but I once even used the Ogle Influence to turn the old drive-thru-less location on 63rd and May into the metro's first Super Taco Bueno. That place is epic. It's really fancy. The drive thru has more curves, twists and turns than the average person waiting in line in the drive thru. It has to be one of their top performing stores.

Plus, I'm a local celebrity blogger and this post probably counts as a couple thousand dollars worth of earned media. That's worth some free grub, right? Just look at how many people click this link! (Editor's Note: Click that link!). At the very least, you all can send me a pint or two of salsa. A blogger's gotta drink.

Anyway, I'll be waiting on your email, Mr. or Ms. Taco Bueno PR Executive. Make something happen. Meanwhile, I'm going to pop a Pepto and deal with last night's dinner. Once again, it's a love / hate relationship.

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