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Meet Floyd Briggs – the badass crime stopper from Chickasha.

1:53 PM EDT on April 28, 2015

Floyd Briggs kfor

The guy pictured above is Chickasha resident, Floyd Briggs. Although it may look like he's modeling the new hipster redneck "solo jean leg tuck" that's been the rage at the local lawnmower races and cockfights, he's actually demonstrating how he stopped a crazed motorcyclist from wreaking havoc on the lawless, residential streets of Chickasha.

Here's the must watch video via KFOR:

Okay, that's no Sweet Brown, Sir John Michael or even Toni Jones, but that's still pretty funny. "I'm not aerodynamic" definitely has a meme quality to it. Also, say what you want about our local media, but they sure are good at finding colorful Oklahomans to exploit for the sake of entertainment.

To make this story even better, Floyd followed in the footsteps of his idol Sir John Michael and sent KFOR's Adam Snider a Valentine:

Floyd Briggs oklahoma

Yeah, that's a pic from Floyd's Facebook page where he appears to be kissing one of Sir John Michaels many staffs. Does this guy live on a school bus, too? I wonder if they're members of the Faceless Men of Braavos or whatever. If you can stumble across a pic of Floyd wearing a bear pelt or twirling a ponytail, send it our way.

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